March 30, 2023

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Egypt.. Security services arrest members of “Hawk Bull” network

The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the details of the arrest of elements of the criminal network responsible for managing the application, Hugh Paul.

95 mobile phones – 3367 mobile phone lines – 9 group messaging modems – 7 computers – 39 computer screens and their accessories – 3 cars – Around 600 cash in local and foreign currencies were seized, the Home Ministry said. One thousand pounds – number 41 credit cards for banks abroad).

Confronted with them, they admitted that they formed a gang targeting those who wanted to make quick financial gains over the Internet and were seizing their money through multiple electronic wallets (their number reached 88 wallets). Wallets (their number reached 9965 wallets) avoid security monitoring and, as pioneers, buy cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” and transfer it abroad through online programs.

Necessary steps are being taken to confiscate monitored e-wallets and track funds transferred abroad by International Interpol.

The defendants admitted that they shut down the application after they were able to seize the money, and were in the process of launching another electronic application named (Riot) for the same purpose in order to end their criminal activities. Action was taken and the State Attorney’s Office conducted an investigation.

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