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What are the top 5 Android apps you should have on your phone?


The use of smartphone has become an important thing in our daily life because it includes many applications that provide some benefits to the user: “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Spotify”, “Zoom” and others. , but there are many high-quality applications that can be installed on a new Android phone to make the most of it.
So here at “” we present 5 best apps to be installed on new android mobile:

1- 1Password Application

If you are still using the same password for all your online accounts, this is the worst thing you are doing and putting all your data at risk, so the best way to solve this problem is to use a password manager app. The best in this field is the “1 Password” app. .
The app allows you to automatically generate and save strong passwords when logging into websites and apps, and all you have to do is remember the master password for the app and you’ll be safe as all passwords are managed by the app.
The app has two plans for paid subscription, the first: Personal plan at $2.99, and the second: Family plan supports up to five accounts at $4.99 per month, although many people may find it difficult to subscribe, especially since there are so many apps that deserve a subscription to protect your and your family members’ data online. It’s worth it if you want it.

2- Authy app

When you surf the web, you should have a two-factor authentication app to protect your online accounts. While many password manager apps support 2FA, Authy lets you keep your passwords separate.

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3- F-Secure Freedome application

With online spying and identity theft taking place a lot, using a VPN app is essential to maintain your online anonymity and make it easier to access services and websites that are restricted in your area.
Therefore, you should protect your traffic by using the F-Secure Freedome app, which is easy to use, works quietly and doesn’t use too much phone resources.

4- Phone with Google App

No matter which smartphone you buy and comes with built-in apps for making phone calls, most of them are more suitable for normal use, it is recommended to install and use “Phone by Google” app to make phone calls.
The application allows you to easily find numbers or contacts on your phone, with several unique tools such as: Using the Google search engine, you can find the phone numbers of service companies near you. , in addition to the feature to block unknown numbers or automated call numbers.
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5- Shop app

The Shop app is owned by Shopify, which is known for its powerful tools for building and managing e-commerce websites. You can use the app through your email to automatically display and track your purchased products in real-time. From an affiliated retailer to a third party such as Amazon.
If a product is not detected automatically, you can always add it manually with its tracking number, then use the app to view all your product packages in chronological order, track their real-time location on a map, and receive important shipping and delivery notifications. .
You can use the app to browse products you’ve purchased from previous Shopify stores, get personalized product recommendations, and manage your purchasing settings.

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