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Secrets to help you lose weight, especially popcorn

Secrets to help you lose weight, especially popcorn

Many people try to lose weight, and it is not necessary to adhere to a strict diet menu, on the contrary, there are tasty foods that can help you lose a few kilograms and improve your general health.

According to the “Do Not Eat This” website, here are the most important and healthy snacks that will help you feel fuller and lose weight:


In a study conducted by the journal Nutrition, participants felt less appetite and more satisfied when eating popcorn as a snack and consumed fewer calories than eating potato chips.

Chicken and butter salad

In a nutritional study, eating an avocado during one meal a day for 12 weeks helped to eliminate visceral belly fat, which helps to eliminate hard-to-target fats associated with the risk of health problems.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas can help you achieve your weight loss goals. In one study, people who ate beans and legumes four times a week lost 2.5 pounds more in eight weeks than their peers who did not eat legumes.


It is an important source of saturated dietary fiber and antioxidants, which can have anti-obesity effects, while studies show that by eating an apple a day for 4 to 12 weeks, you can lose weight.

Boiled egg

It is high in protein, an important nutrient in diet plans, and studies show that it can treat obesity and metabolic syndrome.


Researchers at Florida State University have found that eating 30 grams of protein from cheese 30 minutes before bed has a positive effect on muscle quality, metabolism and overall health.

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Low fat yogurt

It is considered to be the most suitable snack for weight loss and can be turned into a rich diet by adding some fruits like berries and strawberries.

Carrots, cucumbers, celery and red pepper

Vegetables like carrots, red peppers and celery are high in water and low in calories, and they are all high in saturated fiber, which makes them an important component of weight loss.