March 29, 2023

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فى عيد ميلاد الهضبة.. عمرو دياب فى عيون منافسيه محمد فؤاد وتامر حسنى

On the plateau’s birthday .. Amr Diab in the eyes of his rivals, Mohammed Fout and Damer Hosni

On October 11, Amr Diab celebrates his 60th birthday, and despite the diversity of rivals he changes from one generation to another, he remains on the star’s throne, but no matter how the names change, he still follows his celebrity and his fans around him, one of the most important people who competed for Amr Diab in the last 30 years. . Apart from the two stars Mohamed Foote and Damer Hosni, and the fan clashes, what did Foote and Damer Amr say about the Diab Plateau?

As soon as star Mohammad Ford released the poster for the album “Salam”, he appeared on a plateau in a desert area and the audience on the plateau interpreted it as an understatement of their favorite star, which prompted Foot to respond to this accusation, saying, There is a reservation. ” Technician, anyone who interprets the film in his own way, I am not responsible for him and Amr Diab, he is ten 30 years old .. God forgive the pioneers of social websites that always create crises.

When asked about the relationship with star Amr Diab and the reality of the competition between them, artist Mohammad Fouad said during his show on the seventh day: “There is no similarity between me and Amr Diab, he is one company and I am another company, we do not have to follow the same footsteps. And Amr’s successes, we’ve not happened. ”One day, in the same attitude, he tries to make a wedge between me and Amr.

Foude added: “My relationship with Amr has been very strong for a long time, but we haven’t met much lately, but he’s my brother. There are many occasions when we want to be with him or not. , Because he knows how much I do. ”I love his mom and dad, my mom loved him so much, we have a very long history, and the reason we broke up during that period was nothing but worries.“.


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Commenting on her not competing with her traditional rival, Ford said: I was looking for the most missing singer, for example, I found the best artist Najat al-Zakira, but despite her disappearance she is still in her tradition and the songs and audience still remember her, so I’m the artist’s A member of a school with a history. Although I have lived at home for dozens of years, my goal is not to trade on people.“.

On the other hand, the name of Amr Diab has always been associated with Damer Hosni. Recently, social networking sites witnessed discussions among fans of artists Tamer Hosni and Amr Diab, in the wake of the release of Amr Diab’s album “Ya Anna Yala” after Damer completed the release of his album “Calic Foulati” songs.

Usually, when Amr Diab or Damer Hosni presents a new work of art, speculations about the outbreak of war between them begin, and comparisons between them continue. Is there a real conflict between the two stars?

Amr Diab and Damer Hosni
Amr Diab and Damer Hosni

Damer Hosni has always been keen to confirm in his press conferences that Amr Diab is his teacher and teacher, and in an interview with Khairy Ramadan, Damer declared his love and affection for Amr, and said that he is eager to attend plateau parties. She loves him and hopes to earn his friendship.

On the other hand, Tamar Hosni and Ammar Diab, on one occasion, during a press conference, praised Tamer Hosni and Mohamed Hamaki for their talents, confirming that they were both talented and that their appearance and success favored the singing scene.

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