March 28, 2023

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Elizabeth II will attend the Platinum Celebrations to ascend the throne

Elizabeth II will attend the Platinum Celebrations to ascend the throne

London – Reuters
Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled to attend major celebrations next month to mark the 70th anniversary of her accession to the British throne, but Buckingham Palace announced on Friday that it has decided to exclude Prince Andrew and Harry from traditional celebrations.
The 96-year-old Queen completed seven decades on the throne last February, and four days of “Platinum Jubilee” events will be held to celebrate the event in early June.
A palace spokesman said: “The queen is currently waiting for the weekend, and she will attend the celebrations, but this will not be confirmed shortly before the date of her arrival or even on the day of the event.”
For Britain’s long-ruling monarch, most of her public involvement was recently canceled due to mobile problems. But Buckingham Palace said he planned to attend on several occasions.
The festivities begin with the annual military parade in central London on June 2, followed by a mass at St Paul’s Cathedral, a concert in front of Buckingham Palace and a festival throughout the British capital in the following days.
At events that mark all the major royal events, the royal family gathers to shake the crowd from the palace balcony. But the Queen decided this time not to attend to her son Prince Andrew or his grandson Prince Harry.
Andrew’s reputation plummeted after he was convicted of assaulting an American woman, Virginia Joffrey, and later removed from military service and state support.
Harry, the youngest son of Crown Prince Charles, also lost his care after abandoning his royal duties and moving to Los Angeles with his American wife Megan, where he leveled harsh criticism and racist accusations against the royal family.
There has been much speculation in the British press as to whether Harry will attend the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which have clashed with the government over security arrangements since he missed his grandfather Prince Philip’s memorial service in March.
Her spokeswoman confirmed that Harry will be with Megan, their son Archie and daughter Lilliput.

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