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Mahmoud al-Hussaini accused Ahmad Shayba and Hamada Magdi of stealing his song "The People's Money".

Mahmoud al-Hussaini accused Ahmad Shayba and Hamada Magdi of stealing his song “The People’s Money”.

Release Date:
05 July 2022 22:06 GMT

Updated Date: 05 July 2022 22:30 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Mahmoud al-Husseini accused his colleagues Ahmed Sheba and Hamada Magdi of plagiarizing his song “Mal Al Naz”, after the official promotion of the song, in which Shaba took part in singing.

Source: Ahmad Bayomi – Erm News

Famous Egyptian singer Mahmoud Al-Husseini accused his colleagues Ahmed Sheiba and Hamada Magdi of plagiarizing his song “Mal Al Naz” after the official promotion of Shaiba and Magdi’s song together.

Al-Hussaini said during a video clip through his personal account on “Tik Tok”, “I am still recording the song Money People, so in the next period I will put it on YouTube and sing it completely on stage. Weddings where I live, Abdel who is this song. Ask Salam?”

Also, “I don’t have problems, I don’t like problems, since I went out with Abdel Salam, I just sang a couple of songs, you don’t worry about the people’s money.. the people’s money. People are money.. We are first class, you are third class.. I am happy and still have a new song. “At the end of her recording, I found Hamada Magdi and Sheba who announced the song.

He also said, “Despite being upset that they stole two words on stage, everyone loves the song and it goes viral by the time I put it down. My friend, ask Abdul Salam,” referring to the famous organizer Muhammad Abdul Salam.

Al-Husaini concluded by marveling at what his two companions had done, as he said, “I thank our Lord that my thoughts came forth and stole.

On the other hand, the famous singer Ahmad Shayba, Al-Husayni denied the accusations leveled against him, insisting that Hamada Magdi gave him the words and he appreciated them and agreed with them.

In his statement to the local “Sada al-Balad” website, Shayba “confirmed that it belonged to Hamada Magdi, according to the official documents he saw himself, after which he registered them and placed them in the markets. , “Mahmoud Al Husseini had to communicate with him because he is in the position of brother” Explaining that, writing a post on Facebook and talking about the matter before making a video, if he proves his right to the song, he will leave it immediately, not a song to upset each other,” according to his disclosure.

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