August 15, 2022

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Rooney's advice to beat Ronaldo out of Manchester United!

Rooney’s advice to beat Ronaldo out of Manchester United!

Former England star Wayne Rooney’s advice to Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo may not be in his best interest as reports grow of coach Erik ten Hoag’s exit from the Red Devils.

The last few days have been a controversial one in Manchester, after Ronaldo asked to leave the club because of his desire to play in the Champions League next season, with his current team not participating.

Amid interest from Naples, Chelsea, Roma and Bayern Munich, British newspaper “Mirror” cited Rooney’s previous statements after Ronaldo’s return to United from Juventus last year.

“He is still one of the best players in the world,” Rooney said in his comments, which were reported by the “Mirror”.

He added, “He is a striker and any teammate in the same position on the field, he has to do more because when you have Ronaldo, you want him to be in the penalty area to get the most out of him, and he will be with them next season.” I expect him to be influential.”

The newspaper said that Rooney’s speech did not go down well with Dinhock, who always urges all players to work equally hard, which could deprive the Portuguese star of any exception on the field.

Therefore, Dinh Hoek will not want to keep Ronaldo, as the 37-year-old has been content to stay in dangerous areas and score goals over the past few years, not effectively participating in the collective formation. Opponent in no-ball phase.

Notably, Ronaldo was in good form with Manchester last season, where he scored 24 goals and provided 3 assists in 38 appearances for the team in all competitions.

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