June 7, 2023

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تأجيل حفل جوائز "الموريكس دور" فى لبنان بعد أحداث عكار.. ونادية الجندى تعلق

Postponement of “Morex d’Or” awards ceremony in Lebanon after Acker events … and Nadia L-Genti comment

Postponement of the ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, August 18, in Lebanon.

The Murex D’O Award Ceremony has been postponed

In the same context, the star, Nadia El-Genti, commented on the news, where she wrote on her personal account “Instagram”: “I offer my deepest condolences to the people and martyrs of Lebanon. May God have mercy on the martyrs and protect Lebanon and its people.

Published by Nadia El Genti
Published by Nadia El Genti

Nadia El-Genti added: “I have great respect in Beirut and I am so glad I attended this ancient festival. I was faced with creativity, culture and art. Despite the efforts made to organize this great concert, it heals the wounds of Beirut and its people.”

She pointed out: “I was in contact with the Murex Dor Committee and asked them to postpone the festival so that we would not celebrate the bodies of the victims. Lebanon was affected. God willing, very soon, I will take part in this great event. , God willing, Lebanon will return stronger than the first.

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