May 28, 2023

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Emirates moonlights – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Ex-sailors exhort children and grandchildren to lift high, leave the turmoil of the tide and go high, where the moon dwells, where the planets paint a picture of glory, and adventurers reach their destination. and desired.
The sons of the Emirates, in their quest to reach the moon and touch its skies, have ensured that the impossible is nothing more than an illusion in the minds of the faithless and a stumbling block in the hearts of the despairing.
Researcher Rashid records on the board the national moments, the awareness of the history of those who love life and march towards their goals carrying the flag of the motherland and the vision of the founder late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. God rest his soul.
This is the biography of a people, this is the story of a mind that does not stop at an end, that perseveres in a dam, they find its patches, and the lamp is the desire that falls on the eyelids, if it is a shadow that protects from shine, protects from fragility.
Sons of the Emirates, ever seeking self-discovery, spirits firmer than the mountains, stronger than the wind, sons and grandsons of those who tamed the wings of the wave and climbed the seas, whose bottoms bore the most beautiful and precious pearl when they loosened the diving ropes, indifferent to danger, not indifferent to surprises.
Emirati people happily set sail, take to the horizon, are loaded with questions of existence, and ride behind the unknown in search of a beautiful life, life is nothing. After the flight, the following again.
Rashid is looking for the last poem of the hero of poetry and the creator who tamed the horse. Eloquence in the light, brightness in the rise, brightness in the desire, wisdom in the effort, nothing but blasphemy. With the oars of faith that the fathers plunged into the sea, the sons to-day inscribe the names on the pages of heaven, of mixed consciousness, of blessed endeavours. The fathers controlled the tide, and the children used space to be a pathway to the planets and stars.
This is the biography of a leader who, not only with illusions of the impossible, but also with the concept of “breakthrough”, expressed the passions of his people and enriched them with self-confidence, determination and perseverance.
This is a story of people who have role models and role models in history who have achieved feats that no one else could have achieved.

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