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See wheat harvest in Menufia..and people: high yield per


Menofia – Mohammed Fathi

Monday, 01 May 2023 06:00 AM

Watch “Seventh Day” TV, Wheat crop harvest Marcus Menouf, in one of the fields in the villages of Menofia Governorate, wheat is one of the strategic crops the state relies heavily on..

Adel Kuthair, a wheat crop field owner in one of the villages of Menuf Center in Menofia Governorate, said that this year the wheat crop has achieved the highest yield per acre as the acre exceeded approximately 22 to 24 ardabas. This year the weather was favorable for the wheat crop..

The wheat field owner added that the climate has greatly helped the growth of this wheat crop, leading to higher productivity..

Muhammad Yassin, a farmer in a village in the center of Menuf town, says the wheat crop is milled at high temperatures to “dry” it, and it is quickly screened in a threshing machine and wheat. The grain is in excellent shape..

This year’s wheat crop is the highest in years, thanks to the favorable weather conditions, and its price has exceeded 1,500 pounds per bushel, which will help farmers’ living conditions..

For his part, Engineer Mohammed Barakat Al-Derqawi, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Menofia Governorate, in a special report for the seventh day confirmed that wheat crop is one of the basic crops of Menofia Governorate. 99 thousand 690 acres of wheat is cultivated at district level. This was done through the groups of agricultural societies at district level..

Also the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Menufia Governorate said that since the land is fertile and brown, Menufia is expected to achieve higher productivity per fedan as agricultural fertilizers are provided at the rate of 4 bags. Ura Manure or 3 Nitrate bags per Fedan to fertilize agricultural lands, and its aim is to provide guidelines for dealing with pests in each agricultural association and also to provide tasks for their removal once information is received from the farmers and achieve higher productivity. By spraying them.

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Al-Derqawi confirms that agricultural laser machines have been provided to level agricultural lands to achieve higher production, and all workers in agricultural departments and associations are working full-scale to protect the wheat crop and achieve self-sufficiency. Orders from the political leadership to focus on the Egyptian farmer and provide for all his needs..

He points out that wheat distribution is ongoing in all wheat pits in Menufia Governorate and that payments made to suppliers are being distributed on a regular basis..

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