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Emirates News Agency – “Aktia”: A five-year plan to automate group operations and improve supply chain capabilities


ABU DHABI, 12 May / WAM / Agthia Group, in light of the attractive valuations of its core growth (Agthia), has expressed its willingness to continue acquiring new investments, apart from merger opportunities through brands acquired in the past two years. “Snacks and Protein” sections.

Mubarak Al Mansouri, CEO of Aqtia Group, told Emirates News Agency, WAM, that Aqtia Group has a strong investment position with a cash balance of 674 million dirhams, reflecting its ability to continue strong performance in 2023.

Aktia Group seeks to continue its ambitious growth trajectory, enter priority markets and expand into value-added categories, while focusing on being a serious regional player in the food and beverage industry. A group of market leading brands.

He pointed out that the group’s revenue is spread across 45 countries, in light of its work to consolidate its presence in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and beyond.

The group’s core markets are the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, in addition to the GCC countries, the focus is on the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and India markets, and I expect continued strong growth in these regions. Growth through many new markets such as the US, driven by both domestic consumption and exports. Indonesia, Brazil and others.

On the group’s objectives regarding the use of food technology.. Al-Mansoori said that Aktia has a 5-year digital roadmap through which it aims to transform itself from a product-oriented company to one that is intimately knowledge-centric. Consumers are supported by data by establishing a digital system to improve customer experience across all sectors, channels thereby leveraging brand ownership and leveraging data as a strategic asset to increase digital revenue streams and relying on digital tools to improve operational and operational synergies across the group. .

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The team has a clear plan to automate smart work processes to enable efficient and secure operations in stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities and adopt advanced digital processing tools to improve critical supply chain planning capabilities across all Aktia Group businesses. Thus contributing to the transformation in our digital capabilities.

The group’s assets in the first quarter of this year were 6,440 million dirhams, while the sales volume of the water sector brands in the first quarter of this year was 251.9 million dirhams and 252.7 million dirhams for the protein sector. , and 379.9 million dirhams for the snacks sector, a growth of almost 50% compared to the same period last year. %

Asim al-Khawli / Ahmad al-Nuimi

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