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Emirates News Agency – Covit-19 Presentation


“Govt-19” Conference: Withdrawal of Study to the Visiting System in Two Groups at the Emirates.

Hassa al-Mansouri, official spokesman for the country’s education department:

– The first group starts on January 24 and consists of kindergarten students, first cycle students and twelfth or thirteenth grade students of the British organization.

– The first group consists of students who take international and major exams and students of higher education institutions with the use of the Green Transport System.

– The second group is related to the remaining levels of education, and students will return to school in person from January 31st.

Obtaining a negative test result (PCR) not exceeding 96 hours during the first admission to the educational facility.

The administrations of educational institutions and their staff are professionals in dealing flexibly with changes in the situation and the progress of the crisis.

Dr. Farida Al Hosani is the official spokeswoman for the country’s health ministry.

National initiatives in all government, local and private sectors continue to provide a healthy and safe environment for community members.

– Support levels significantly reduce the risk of illness, complications and death.

Adherence to precautionary measures plays a major role in protecting everyone.

Abu Dhabi, 19 Jan / WAM / The official spokesman for the Department of Education, His Excellency Hassa Al Mansouri, announced the developments of the new corona virus during his presentation to the United Arab Emirates Government on the arrival of the study in the United Arab Emirates. For the urban education system as two groups, the first group will start on the twenty-fourth of the current January and the second group on the 31st of the same month.

Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokeswoman for the country’s health department, stressed the importance of adhering to all preventive and precautionary measures, noting that maintaining the safety and health of community members is a top priority for rational leadership.

In detail, during the Al Hosani press conference, the United Arab Emirates presented a unique model of flexible and thoughtful approach to managing the global health crisis represented by the Kovit-19 virus since the outbreak.

He pointed out that this readiness and readiness is the result of the cooperation and coordination between all national agencies and related departments of various specialties, who act with team spirit under the guidance of intelligent leadership in safeguarding the health of the community. Recovery.

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He stressed that national initiatives in all government, local and private sectors continue to provide a healthy and safe environment for members of the community. , Residents and visitors of the state.

Kovit noted that national efforts at all hospitals specializing in the treatment of 19 diseases continue to provide a healthy and safe environment for community members, and that health officials and hospitals are equipped with qualified human staff, specialized task forces and a high level of readiness. Advanced medical services to provide health care to all sections of the community, including citizens, residents and visitors of the country.

The Department of Health continues its efforts to achieve community immunity by providing vaccines to eligible groups for vaccination, and while the percentage of first-dose recipients has reached 100 percent of the total population, the percentage of those receiving the two vaccine doses is 93.19 percent of the total approved population.

He added, “The UAE has been interested since childhood in providing free approved vaccines at public and private health facilities in the country to ensure that the vast majority of the community is vaccinated to achieve immunity and enhance safety.”

He continued, “Studies have shown that support levels help reduce the risk of disease, its complications and mortality.”

He said that all members of the community aged 18 and over, especially the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases, are recommended to take supportive doses to protect the group most susceptible to the complications of the disease.

He stressed that the crisis has proven that adherence to precautionary measures plays a major role in protecting everyone.

He noted the importance of adhering to customs and practices that guarantee the health and safety of all, such as leaving a safe distance while attending social events, ensuring that periodic tests are performed and ensuring continued contraception, and the obligation to wear a mask.

He added, “We urge community members to be careful and to look for respiratory symptoms that are similar to those of seasonal flu, especially when symptoms appear, as it is not possible to distinguish Govt infection from other respiratory diseases by symptoms, and we emphasize the need for PCR testing in such cases.”

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He pointed out that due to the accuracy of the PCR swaps test, it is important to conduct periodic examinations to ensure precaution and health in counting injuries, monitoring contact cases and controlling the spread of infection among members of the community.

He stressed that vaccination involves adherence to preventive and precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands, maintaining physical distance and following other approved protocols for control and control.

Dr Farida al-Hosani, a spokeswoman for the country’s health ministry, said everyone has a responsibility to protect the state’s gains and achievements and to talk about what it has achieved over the past two years.

He added, “Since maintaining your safety and health is paramount to our rational leadership, we emphasize the importance of adhering to all preventive and precautionary measures in light of the gradual opening.”

For his part, Hassa al-Mansouri, during a press conference, reviewed the latest updated data on the practices and directives of the Ministry of Education in line with developments related to the Kovit-19 preventive measures.

He added that the country’s education sector is ready to deal with emergencies as quickly as possible to ensure optimal continuity of the education process by constantly following crisis data and its developments. Appropriate results.

He stressed that work is ongoing to improve the epidemiological situation and its improvements, especially in the current era, to facilitate the safe return process and to ensure the public health, hygiene and safety of students, teachers and administrative staff. Educational facilities: In the United Arab Emirates it has been decided to send the course to the attendance system in two groups, with the first group starting on the twenty-fourth of January.

He added, “The results of the first group are kindergarten students, first cycle students, twelfth or thirteenth grade students – for the British system, and students who take international and major exams. The first group also includes students. Higher education institutions and the Green Transport System will be used for them.”

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For the second group, which is related to the remaining study levels, students will return to education in person from Jan. 31, he said.

He stressed that the ministry has approved precautionary restrictions and procedures for conducting the educational process in the future as all students at various levels are required to obtain a negative test result (PCR) no later than 96 hours upon first entry. Educational facilities, then a PCR exam every two weeks is required.

He pointed out that with the result of a negative PCR test valid for 96 hours, the green transport system will be implemented to allow parents to enter educational facilities through al-Hosn application.

He said sports and cultural activities in schools would continue as a precautionary measure and that out-of-school trips would be suspended until further notice, adding that distance education is an option if parents want to teach their children distance. Until a reassessment of the progress of the epidemiological situation in the country.

He also stressed that the school administrations should contact the parents directly with the parents and provide all notifications regarding the study method and health status.We advise the parents and students to conduct PCR laboratory tests at the examination centers to avoid crowd congestion or delay in deciding the results. Protect the health and safety of the community.

He pointed out that these standards are subject to renewal and change based on the latest requirements and studies of health officials.

At all stages of the crisis, the administrations of the educational facilities and their staff expressed their professionalism in dealing flexibly with the variations of the situation and the developments of the crisis, and we thank and salute them. Government mandates to ensure public health and social security and their contribution to the smooth running of the educational process.

He stressed the social responsibility and important role played by members of the community in safeguarding the achievements of the state during the crisis and advancing towards sustainable recovery.

– Ahmed Jamal –

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