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The UAE ranks first in the world on 5 competitive labor market indicators


The UAE ranks first in several global labor market indicators published by international organizations and institutions.

According to the Global Prosperity Report 2023 published by the British Legatum Institute, the country ranks first in the world in the “ability to attract talent” index. The IMD in Switzerland are: “Absence of labor disputes”, “Absence of layoffs” Compensation costs with the index “Low cost of dismissal” in the Global Innovation Index 2022 report published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and “Working hours”.

The UAE has been ranked second in the world in the “Global Competitiveness Yearbook Report 2022”. and “percentage of labor force in population.

Noura Al Marzooqi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Policy and Strategy at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said: “The UAE’s leadership in many global indicators is the result of continuous national efforts to modernize the constitutional and legal system. Improved infrastructure and a flexible and robust economy to attract investments, talents and minds. Providing context.”

He added, “In line with the direction of the leadership, the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration is making continuous efforts to improve the attractiveness of the labor market, focusing on implementing the role of the private sector as a strategic partner. The process of creating a stronger, faster and more flexible economic system in the region and the world.”

For his part, Hanan Ahli, director of the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics, said: “The UAE has exceptional leadership, which has made it a global model and an important benchmark in global competitiveness, and its unique competitive achievements are represented in its global leadership. Among many indicators of global competitiveness related to the labor market.”

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He added: “We at the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics monitor 1502 competitiveness indicators in the most important global reports, and the UAE is among the top 10 countries in the world in 432 of these indicators, or 30% of the global total. Indicators leading many countries with a long history of competitiveness, total The UAE ranks first among the Arab countries in 505 global indicators, and all this is the result of great efforts by all states, companies and the private sector to support the competitiveness of the UAE and strengthen the national economy, from human resources to trade, industry, tourism, education, health and others. In major fields.

The UAE ranks second in the world on 5 indicators:

Presence of senior managers.

Employment rate.

– Low unemployment.

Proportion of migrant workers.

Percentage of labor force in population.

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