June 6, 2023

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Emirates News Agency - "Dubai Culture" participates in the launch of a new series "Foundry" Exhibitions

Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Culture” participates in the launch of a new series “Foundry” Exhibitions

Dubai, 21 September / WAM / Dubai Culture and the Arts Commission, “Dubai Culture” participated in the opening ceremony of the fourth series of “Foundry” Exhibitions in Downtown Dubai, which features a group of various art exhibitions. More than 10 creative artists from the creative community in Dubai. State, and will run from September 20 to November 20 this year.

The series of exhibitions was inaugurated by Dr. Saeed Mubarak Karpash, Managing Director, Department of Arts and Literature, Dubai Culture, in the presence of Emaar representatives, participating artists and art enthusiasts from across the Emirate.

Karpash praised the new series “Foundry” exhibitions, which mark a key opportunity to stimulate creativity at the Emirate, and a rich addition to the growing cultural and creative scene, emphasizing the commitment of “Dubai Culture” to supporting such events. Are in line with its vision to establish Dubai’s leading position as a global hub for culture. It is an incubator for creativity, a forum for talent and a global capital for the creative economy.

While touring the exhibition sections, Karbash explained about the many works of Emirati and resident artists, including their “Frame of Mind” exhibition by Emirati artist Zuma Al Haj from Sharjah. A group exhibition of Bangladesh’s most important creative talents as part of the “Bangladesh Art Week” event hosted by “Foundry” through “Iris Art Consulting”.

Karbash visited the exhibition “For Revolution” from the Moro Collective, which included icons that did not include digital artifacts and original works created by a team of artists. Titled Indjavi Barb Once Upon a Time.

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Dubai Culture is working through the 2020-2025 Strategy to enhance the testimony of the Department of Culture and the Arts in the Dubai Emirates and to enhance its contribution to GDP, ensuring its role in the United States as a planner, regulator and implementer for the sector in full implementation of its founding law.

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