February 4, 2023

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A great real estate deal for Google in the Manhattan neighborhood … Property number 550 secret

Google Inc. plans to buy an office building in the Manhattan metropolitan area of ​​New York City for $ 2.1 billion.

The company has decided to invest more than $ 250 million this year in New York City real estate to implement an option to purchase the St. John’s Terminal building in Manhattan. The company’s chief financial officer, Rutte Borat, was quoted as saying.

Since Google opened its first headquarters in New York 20 years ago, the number of its employees in the city has reached nearly 12,000, making it Google’s largest employee outside of California, where it is headquartered. According to Rodport, the company aims to increase the number of employees in New York to more than 14,000 in the coming years.

The purchase of the St. John’s Terminal building at 550 Washington Street in Hortson Square is in line with the company’s commitment to racial diversity, which includes expansion in various communities.

Google plans to invest one billion euros in Germany by 2030 in cloud infrastructure and the renewable energy needed to run it.

Where to store data on European citizens has become a major strategic issue in recent years.

The US technology company Google announced in a statement that “the value of digital infrastructure (cloud) and clean energy investments will reach one billion euros in Germany.”

According to the AFP, the company plans to “expand” its cloud computing center in Hana in the West German region, which currently covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters. .

In Germany, Google invests in solar and wind power to meet 80% of its energy needs.

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