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Emirates News Agency – Dubai Maritime Customs Centers completed 61,852 inspections and 120 seizures in the first quarter.


DUBAI, July 3, WAM / Dubai Customs has strengthened its capacity to protect the community by improving the efficiency of customs inspections in the management of maritime customs centers. The number of inspections reached 61,852 inspections in the first quarter of this year. The seizures made by these centers during the same period were 120 systems.

Rashid Saif Al-Tabba Al-Suwaidi, Head of the Maritime Customs Center Department, said that improving the inspection and inspection system at customs centers aims to achieve better results in countering attempts to smuggle prohibited goods. The success of the Maritime Customs Central Department in preventing these goods from entering the country is thanks to the efforts of the ever-vigilant and ever-ready Customs inspection officers who have enhanced the preparedness of the centers and enhanced their capabilities to protect the public. To ward off all danger from their position in the first line of society’s defense.

He pointed out that the smart scanning systems developed by Dubai Customs, especially the advanced system for inspecting containers, have been very successful in detecting suspicious cargo, to control smuggling and prevent entry into the country, which are subject to close inspection. At maritime ports in the Emirate of Dubai, where the system reaches capacity, the advanced container inspection system can inspect 900 containers per hour. The system alerts inspectors to potential risks in suspicious shipments. Containers are inspected.

The system helps in identification of containers subject to inspection by customs inspection officers with the help of the department’s customs dog unit and other inspection devices, and improves the skills of customs inspection officers through continuous training. Courses that provide them with the latest information and customs inspection expertise to support their ability to carry out their tasks in accessing contraband despite the concealment and camouflage measures used by those involved in smuggling efforts.

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He explained that the efforts of the Customs Inspection Department at Maritime Customs Centers are based on achieving better results in order to protect the society from the dangers of prohibited goods and improve the skills of Customs Inspection Officers. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence with continuous follow-up and continuous training on the latest research methods and methods and continuous use of the best technologies to keep pace with advanced smart applications.

WAM/Mohamed Jaballah/Abdul Nasser Moneim

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