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Gold price in Sudan today, Sunday, July 3, 2022.. Demand is falling


Gold prices in Sudan remained stable today during the evening trade on Sunday, July 3, 2022, amid severe stagnation in the market.

Also the global gold markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Gold price in Sudan today

A gram of 24-carat gold is about 26,627 thousand pounds ($58.33) during this evening’s trade in Sudan.

The average price of one gram of 21 carat gold (the most traded in the market) was around 23.299 thousand pounds ($51.04) in evening trade in Sudan.

The average price of one gram of 18-carat gold in Sudan today is 19.971 thousand pounds ($43.75), according to the “Gold-Today” site, which specializes in gold prices.

As for economic gold prices in Sudan today, one gram of 14 carat gold is reported to be around 15,532 thousand pounds ($34.02).

Gold price per ounce and pound in Sudan today

The price of one ounce (one ounce) hit about 828,098 thousand pounds (1814 dollars) during the evening trade in Sudan.

Gold pound price in Sudan today reached about 186.393 thousand pounds ($408.31).

Gold has dominated Sudan’s foreign trade exports for the past three months, as its export earnings accounted for half the value of all other Sudanese commodities, including the most important strategic agricultural commodity.

According to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) today Sunday, the value of exported gold increased by more than 720 million dollars to about 11 kg 986 grams.

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