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Abu Dhabi, June 24 / WAM / Al-Watan newspaper confirmed in its editorial today, “Emirates and Jordan … Historical relations are firm” The deeply rooted fraternal relations between Emirates and Jordan are a respectable role model throughout their history. Thanks to the interest of State President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan in showing how relations should be in the region in the face of many events, crises and tensions, “God” protect “him and his support” to raise them in all spheres, relations have become a safety valve in meeting challenges, and Strengthening their strategic development and sustainability is done by the joint interest of the leaders of the two countries, characterized by unity of position, coordination, bold decisions, clear policy and transparency in dealing with all issues, strengthening cooperation in various areas of development and the necessary focus on key and future areas.

He added that President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan had discussed the issue with “May God protect him” and King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, King of the Kingdom of Hashimite, the sister of Jordan in Abu Dhabi. And periodic summits aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation paths reflect the strength of fraternal relations and the interest in keeping pace with all developments in the world, and the importance of coordination to address the effects of global crises and their effects on the region. The metaphor of the deep ties that unite the two countries and the unity of visions and conditions that form a model to be followed at all levels.

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The fashionable and fraternal model that distinguishes relations between the Emirates and Jordan enhances the strength of the relationship and shows the determination to continue to achieve aspirations through strong alliances and common will. It serves as an extension of a long and honorable history that unites the present and the future of the two brotherly nations and is built on the will and effort of an ideal partnership to make today’s cooperation a model of hope for the best ever. .

Under the headline “Emirates .. Industry destination”, Al-Etihad newspaper, the UAE has made great strides in industry globally, ranking 20th in seven years in the Competitive Industry Performance Report, the first Arab country and economy to excel in diversification, digital, technology and science excellence. It is the only region that can achieve this level of progress, ensuring the success of the country’s plans and strategies by making industry an integral part of its growth path in terms of development. And embracing talent, companies and investments.

He noted that according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the leading industrial competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates is linked to a number of factors. These developments include flexibility and speed in decision-making, as well as having a solid foundation for the country and its interest in completing partnerships to enhance industry, infrastructure, advanced legislation, incentive initiatives for companies and entrepreneurs, employment in technology, markets in the region and around the world to increase its production and export potential.

It has concluded that the country’s industry is growing rapidly with the introduction of a national strategy for industry aimed at increasing the sector’s contribution to GDP to 300 billion dirhams by 2031. Is increasing, and the number of factories is increasing every year. Making the UAE a great place for business and entrepreneurs in the region.

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Al-Khaleej newspaper, under the headline “Kaliningrad..a new crisis”, said that the Kaliningrad Russian enclave, which was stranded between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea and could only be reached by rail, was new. Prohibits the movement of goods through lands.

He said that since Lithuania is a member of the European Union and NATO, any escalation of the crisis could affect the whole of Europe at this time, and any conflict between Moscow and Lithuania would drag the continent into conflict under the Collective Security Agreement.

“The situation is very dangerous” and Lithuania’s action is not unilateral, and Lithuania would not dare to take it alone, unless the European lid and the American red light imposed more pressure and siege, it decided. Russia is forcing itself to end its war in Ukraine and accept Western demands.

Wam / Islam Al-Hussein

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