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The Dubai Expo City opens up promising opportunities for growth


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Participants in the “Al Bayan by Your Space” session on Twitter space confirmed that “Expo City Dubai” opens up promising opportunities with many dimensions of growth and prosperity.

They pointed out that the city, with its strategic location, modern amenities, engineering landmarks and fantastic digital and infrastructure, truly embodies the future of smart cities.

The session, titled “Dubai Expo City … Legacy Expansion of Specialization and Achievement”, was hosted by journalist Marwan Al-Hell at Dubai Media Incorporated. Contribute to supporting the growth of Dubai’s economy and all infrastructure sectors.

The announcement by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an extension of the legacy of the “Dubai Expo City” opening ceremony next October. Outstanding and global achievement achieved at various levels by “Expo 2020 Dubai”. The city will be a standard landmark on the urban map of Dubai and will add vitality to the process of economic and intellectual development.

And efforts to inspire innovation. The session discussed a number of axes, including the integration of the city with Dubai’s huge global success, quality addition to Dubai’s urban and urban scenery, and its role in supporting entrepreneurs and emerging innovative companies.

The benefits of the Dubai Expo City and the legacy of the historic event in the field of education and its role in promoting sustainable culture and the green economy were discussed.Participants highlight the importance of the city and the new and sustainable tourism and entertainment space in Dubai.

Cognitive development

During the session, the President of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, Dr. Mansour al-Awar spoke about the contribution of “Expo City Dubai” to knowledge development, noting that innovation comes from inspiring innovation and supporting scientific research, and from here, the presence of science research centers in the city is crucial in sustaining development and innovation.

He pointed out that the city’s technological infrastructure will pave the way for future generations to develop digital capabilities on its land because it has tremendous technological capabilities and capabilities, making it a dream for future cities.

He explained that the development of innovation is carried out by changing the future education map, Expo City can draw a new map for education, attract practical labs and research centers, attract talent and innovation, and be the target of students and researchers. , And those who seek knowledge and knowledge, pointing out that the creation of knowledge is the future, the consumption of knowledge has become a thing of the past, so the city will move towards the creation of knowledge in support of innovation.

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He said that in terms of education, the city would be a forum for sharing knowledge between students and researchers from across the country and around the world, and would be a hub for bringing together the best minds from the people of the country. The world, in the participatory process of knowledge to make inventions.

He added: The city will be a catalyst for the competitive development of students and creators as the Expo continues to excel in competitiveness and set a record as the best session in the history of the international event. Following the innovation movement from around the city and the global innovations in it will help Emirates students and creators. He pointed out that the city would be an essential tributary not only to educational work, but also to education policies in the Emirates, starting with knowledge and science, to competitiveness, tolerance and participation.

Incubator for the future

Mohamed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency, for his part, confirmed that Expo 2020 Dubai was an exceptional global event, as the world faced epidemic challenges and the United Arab Emirates celebrated with welcome from all parts. He pointed out that for the Expo, the event was widely acclaimed around the world.

He explained that the positive image of the event among individuals around the world and the United Arab Emirates will further enhance Expo City’s role and contribution, in addition to the skills they have learned in organizing, qualifying, creating and interacting. As an archive for the long term, the future.

A forum that unites the world on issues of international dimensions, which is already under the command of State President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, “May God protect him.” Twenty-eighth Session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

At “Expo City Dubai”, creating a message to the world, the UAE will host a global event with a global company, in one global location. As a result, the UAE continues to strengthen its position as a destination for organizing and hosting any international event with high capabilities and capabilities and a unique future vision.

He pointed out that the Dubai Expo has taken the world by surprise, while the event is still alive in the minds of many around the world as the UAE attracts elite talents and talents from various fields.

Attracting seekers of further development opportunities in collaboration with the scientific, economic and media elites to support the Dubai Expo’s reputation and reputation, and to help build the event’s historic success at various levels. Especially at the media level, it will be “Expo City Dubai”, in the minds of present and future generations, as a platform for hosting a historic event, it is difficult to repeat.

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Thoughtful planning

For his part, Sana Al Ali, Director of the Dubai Municipality’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, pointed out that Expo 2020 Dubai’s traditional planning has been carefully thought out from the very beginning, delivering all the materials and qualifications. The legacy of the event, which will be represented at Expo Dubai, the city of the future, is man-centered.

He pointed out that Expo City Dubai’s role as part of Dubai’s urban planning, integrated with its various features, and its strategic location near Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port. It is qualified to attract local and international companies and attract talent and expertise.

He pointed out that the city would create a unique urban hub to attract businesses, companies and residents, and that it was primarily designed to achieve this goal and contribute to the growth of the economy of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general.

A vision of the future

For his part, Marwan Bin Shukr, Senior Vice President, Emirates Telecommunications Network Development, said: “Expo City Dubai reflects the vision of a brilliant leadership and we will continue to offer our advanced solutions and services in the city as a global map of innovation, work, education and location for modern technologies. Improves its condition.

The latest technologies, communication networks, enjoy the highest level of security and reliability, especially created for the Expo site enjoying the fifth generation network, and providing integrated and enhanced digital services to millions of visitors and participants. Events of the event.

Bin Shukr explained that the infrastructure and digital solutions for the Expo site are scalable and built to accommodate innovation, with Dubai Expo City highlighting the many opportunities and features to enhance sustainability and the collection of smart solutions, including the Smart City. Technologies, Smart Transport, Smart Shopping and many more.

Business Travel

In turn, Mohammad Jassim Al Rayas, Executive Vice President of Al Rayas Travels, explained the order of State President Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan to hold the twenty-eighth session of the conference. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28) at “Expo City Dubai” represents the city’s role as an important addition to state parties, exhibitions and business tourism related to the conference sector.

Dubai has a full calendar of events, exhibitions and conferences throughout the year that are organized and held at the Dubai World Trade Center, and many events are held simultaneously, which puts pressure on available exhibition venues. In light of the seriousness of exhibitions and conferences.

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Therefore, the Dubai Exhibition Center will play a key role in expanding the venues and facilities for the events offered by Emirate, and will allow for a greater number of hosting and arrangements around the world at any given time, which will increase the attraction of a greater number of business travelers. .

He pointed out that the city’s contribution to the promotion of business tourism to Dubai as a global hub for innovation and creativity is coming to light, so many events and activities related to these areas will be organized and attract a large number of tourists. From innovators, innovators and entrepreneurs who come into educational tourism to participate in seminars and events and to gain and share knowledge and experience in various fields.

Great opportunities

For his part, Walid Al Zarooni, a real estate expert and CEO of “W Capital” Real Estate, stressed that the Dubai Expo City will provide endless benefits to the real estate sector, creating better and more opportunities for local and foreign investors. And developers, noting that the opening of the city is coming in light of the fact that real estate sales in Dubai are recovering like never before for the industry.

Focus on environmental sustainability standards. He explained that Expo 2020 Dubai mainly contributed to increase the value of real estate sales in Dubai, many of the visitors to the event were aware of the improved facilities and infrastructure on site and they decided to invest in Dubai. Department of Real Estate.

He pointed to the area around Dubai Expo City, which is considered a land of opportunities, and pointed out the growing demand for investors looking for real estate opportunities in that promising area, including Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Expo City and Jebel Ali Port. , Events Real estate prices in the region rose by 10 to 15% after the Expo, but the demand for investment and rent is increasing daily.

He pointed out that real estate development companies will start promoting their projects according to the distance of each project from the Dubai Expo City. It will have a positive impact on future projects in the surrounding areas such as Dubai South and the Dubai Complex.Dubai Investments and other.

He stressed that the Dubai Expo City is a great addition to the real estate sector in Dubai for investors, developers and tenants.


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