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ABU DHABI, 29th July / WAM / In their editorials, local newspapers highlighted the efforts of various official agencies under the guidance of wise leadership to deal with the aftermath of the torrential rains.

Newspapers were interested in hot events around the world, which provide lessons to the international community on how crises got out of control and moved away from political negotiations, which should have been accepted as the only option for the arena of military conflict … insisting. Ensuring sustainable peace and preventing the outbreak of conflict is a common collective goal that requires providing comprehensive visions, ensuring effective exit strategies from conflict situations to peace and stability.

Under the title “New Victory”, “Al-Ittihad” newspaper wrote that with great speed and great efficiency, under the guidance of wise leadership, various official organizations succeeded in facing the aftermath of heavy rains. Local and federal agencies and national teams, all with exceptional expertise, have demonstrated their outstanding capabilities in field work with harmonious and effective coordination to provide various forms of relief, assistance and support.

He successfully followed the emergency measures and immediate measures taken at all levels and the developments of the situation in the various emirates of the country and successfully succeeded in ensuring the safety of all and provided all kinds of psychological support. and material support including rescue services, rapid evacuation and temporary shelter for victims.

He pointed out that this was achieved by the government using all its skills and material capacities to extend the helping hand of its human staff through the National Organization for Emergency, Crisis and Crisis in every place affected by rains and heavy rains. Disaster Management and Contribution of Volunteers.

He stressed that this would not have been achieved without the initiative of strong institutions that have built, nurtured and trained their workforce in the past years, weather systems, roads, communication networks and well-established infrastructure. Healthcare institutions, all of which have demonstrated the government’s ability to face various challenges with great confidence and without serious damage.

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In conclusion, the “Union”, after its success in facing the Covid-19, the United Arab Emirates once again presents a new exemplary experience, which confirms its readiness to overcome various challenges through the flexibility of its strategies, the efficiency of its institutions. The honesty of its children and the awareness of its community.

In the same topic titled “Faithful Hands” .. “Al-Watan” newspaper wrote that our motherland is the best with its integration, interdependence and strength in all situations. Nahyan, the head of state, “May God protect him”, he will always be safe, and our wise leadership affirms its interest, safety and security unity and one and the same society for all whom God Almighty has blessed to live in the emirates of love, and one and the same society, and every individual in all circumstances is complete. Enjoys following.

The generous guidelines of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, were created to protect all families affected by rain and floods in the East. Regions of the country have shifted them to temporary shelters and booked nearby hotels to accommodate victims or evacuees, who are vulnerable to heavy rains.

An enthusiastic response that reflects the ability to deal with challenges and emergency situations and integrates the image of the Emirates civilized model into flexibility and preparedness to ensure public safety, the person and everything related to him is an absolute priority in approach. Our brilliant leadership and people-to-people cooperation reflect what differentiates our society from the values, compassion and love that are a constant embodiment of our national identity and distinguish it on the basis of interdependence, nobility, discipline and awareness. Obtaining orders and information from competent authorities.

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He said that Operation “Faithful Hands”, announced by the Joint Operations Command of the Ministry of Defense to support the civil authorities, created an honorable station that always includes the role of the valiant guards of the homeland in fulfilling their national and humanitarian duty. , and all follow with pride how units of our valiant armed forces are contributing to the rescue of the flooded and stranded, and transported to safer areas in swift and effective movement. In some areas, part of it was channeled by the media and communication platforms and showed what distinguishes our country from positive and effective participation that ensures that everyone is at one heart.

In conclusion, “Al-Watan” reflects the national spirit in the Emirate of direct response, talent, pioneering skills and goodness in rescuing and protecting stranded people, as the activities of competent agencies were adequate. Limit any consequences, because there is complete confidence that a homeland is led by the head of state, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”, stronger than the challenges, whatever they may be, in the loyal and caring hands of all and under the full parental care.. more ” In a country where the historical phrase “don’t freeze them” is a constant inspiration, its place is firmly rooted in the national conscience. Victory, safety, security and peace are inevitable results at all times.

On the other hand, under the heading “Lessons from Crises”, “Al-Bayan” newspaper said that hot events around the world offer lessons to the international community on how crises have spiraled out of control and moved from the political sphere. Negotiations should have been accepted as the only option for the arena of military conflict, in the event of war in Ukraine, as well as the growing serious security tensions in the African Sahel countries.

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Studying the course of crises reveals a general international failure to take more serious measures to prevent crises from worsening and derailing dialogue. The security, political and economic turmoil that the world is witnessing today has not yet reached the peak of the negative side. If we try to isolate the crisis within certain limits by leaving urgent issues in a state of stagnation, the worst is enough. The world is seeing how far-reaching effects of war are fueling other crises, such as food insecurity risks, at the level of poor countries and fragile societies, which have been exacerbated mainly by the war in Ukraine and the outbreak of “Covid 19”. , crises feed on each other in a circular motion, and attempting partial treatment does not yield promising results.

The UAE believes that current global challenges, which by their very nature are interconnected, complex and transcend regional boundaries, require joint solutions, and he urged the international community to work to build more bridges between countries and strengthen cooperation between them and regional partners. , and emphasizes the important role of the United Nations in liaising with regional and international organizations to provide advisory, political and logistical support.

In conclusion, he said that ensuring sustainable peace and preventing conflict is a common collective goal, which requires the provision of comprehensive visions that ensure effective exit strategies from conflict situations to peace and stability.

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