May 18, 2022

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Emirates News Agency – Million Poet Semi-Finals kicks off tomorrow evening

Abu Dhabi, March 14 / WAM / Abu Dhabi: The semi-final evening of the tenth season of “Cultural Poetry” organized by the Cultural and Traditional Events and Festival Management Committee in Abu Dhabi begins tomorrow evening. Its cultural strategy aims to preserve heritage and promote interest in Arabic literature and poetry. Exactly nine-thirty in the evening, United Arab Emirates time, from the Al Raha Beach Theater, and the use of the Panauna and Emirates channels and the show.

Fifteenth Evening will feature: Ali Hamad Al-Azmi from Kuwait, Fahd Al-Badri from Iraq, Hadi Mani Al-Yami from Saudi Arabia, Taiballah Fawaz Al-Sumairi from Saudi Arabia, Musayat bin Dassal Al-Hashimi from the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the poet who qualified by vote, all six poets were Professor Sultan al-Amimi, Drs. Kazan Al will present his masterpieces in front of a panel of judges. -Hasan, and the poet Hamad al-Saeed.

At the beginning of the fifteenth episode, two media providers, Hussein al-Amiri and Nada al-Shaybani, will announce the finalists from the last episode, where they will compete through an audience poll and the application of the million. Poet Show: Sadan from Saudi Arabia.

Al Raha Beach Theater Napatian Poetry is open to the public from 8:30 pm, where efficiency is increased to 90% by the following precautionary measures: 12-year-olds and older are allowed to enter after proving green traffic, or those who have not been vaccinated show more than 96 hours of Nazi swap test results / PCR / negative, muzzle hopping is optional and mandatory to wear indoors, and should be worn by those who do not have the opportunity. Stay indoors, the episode will be shown on the big screens in the outdoor theater.

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