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Emirates News Agency – Sakhr Kobash participates in two coordination meetings of the Gulf and Arab groups at the Parliamentary Union meetings in Bahrain.


MANAMA, 11th March, 2020 (WAM) — The Speaker of the Federal National Council, Saqr Kobash, participated in the coordination meetings of the Gulf and Arab groups at the 146th assembly meetings and the 211th session of the Internet Council. -Parliamentary Union, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the participation and presence of the Heads of the Gulf Legislatures and the Heads of the Arab Parliaments.

His Excellency Sakr Kobash emphasized the importance of coordination between the Arab Geopolitical Group and the parliaments of all countries of the world on various issues and topics of common interest, with a positive impact on active roles. played by Gulf and Arab parliaments, and their positive and important presence in regional parliamentary forums and the international arena.

He pointed out that the coordination meetings represent an important opportunity to coordinate positions and perspectives on issues on the agenda of the 146th Assembly, “especially the urgent item submitted by the sister state of Qatar, “Criminalizing and spreading insults to religions. A call to promote the values ​​of non-hatred and co-existence, tolerance, international peace and security among people.

He pointed out that the Coordinating Meeting of the Arab Parliamentary Group – which includes representatives of the Arab Parliamentary Group within the Inter-Parliamentary Union – falls within the framework of consultation between Arab parliaments and members of the Union on issues on the agenda. General Assembly and the Governing Body of the Union, and to develop a unified and common position on those issues.”

Both meetings were attended by members of the Federal National Council delegation, Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, the head of the Federal National Council’s Parliamentary Section in the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the representative of the Arab Geopolitical Group in the Executive Committee. Union and His Excellency: Sara Muhammad Falaghnas, Vice President of the Committee, Dr. Sheikha Obaid Al Tunaiji, and Marwan Obaid Al-Muhairi, Dr. Moza Muhammad Al-Amiri, Meera Sultan Al-Suwaidi, Dr. Hawa Saeed Al-Mansouri, Adnan Hamad Al-Hammadi, and Suhail Nakhira Al-Afari, National Council Members, Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman Al-Nuaimi, Secretary General, Afra Rashid Al-Afari. -Basti, Assistant Secretary for Parliamentary Liaison and Tariq Ahmad Al-Marsouki, Assistant Secretary General, Council Presidency Affairs.

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During the coordination meeting of the Arab Group, His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi presented a report that included the participation of the representative of the Arab Group. Before the Federation Headquarters.

Regarding the financial situation of the Federation, he explained that he participated in the Sub-Committee on Financial Affairs of the Executive Committee which prepared the new budget for the Federation for the year 2023. The Federation’s strategy (2022-2026) indicates that the report will include a data protection policy and permanent monitors of the inter-parliamentary union and inter-parliamentary union on harassment.

His Excellency reviewed the financial position of the Inter-Parliamentary Union up to January 2023 AD and the voluntary contributions made by National Organizations and Parliaments. The Inter-Parliamentary Union was able to maintain the level of voluntary contributions.

The Committee discussed a Code of Conduct document for IPU officials on transparency, accountability and transparency of the Executive Committee, with the aim of helping them fulfill their duties to the IPU.

Regarding the regional offices of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, His Excellency confirmed that the African and Arab geopolitical groups had insisted on the establishment of a regional office in Cairo for the Arab region.

In the “IPU Cremer-Bassy” Award, the Executive Committee reviewed proposed amendments to the award system, including incorporating a candidate evaluation mechanism into the system and adding other amendments to ensure a more equitable method of distributing votes. .

In this award cycle and in line with the Parliamentary Union Strategy 2022-2026 and its focus on climate action, the award should be given to the deputy or group of parliamentarians who have made the best contribution to climate action.

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Addressing all violations against Islam, given the burning of the Holy Quran by extremist parties in Europe, while Arab parliament leaders unanimously agreed on the need to support the emergency law submitted by the Qatari government on respect for religions. The Arab Geopolitical Committee approved its candidates for the committees of the Inter-Parliamentary Union at its next session.

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