April 1, 2023

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UAE calls for global partnership to bridge gender digital divide

The United Arab Emirates has called for bridging the digital divide between the genders through a global partnership that ensures women and girls have equal access to information technology at low cost. During this session, the report released by the Honorable Minister of State Noura Al Gabi, the sixty-seventh United Nations Commission on the Status of Women entitled “Women and Girls to Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All in the Digital Age.” To advance women and promote equal access to digital technologies. Al-Kaabi confirmed that the UAE will continue to work with member states.


Al-Kaabi noted the importance of the role that digital technology plays in today’s world in improving the quality of life of communities, improving various key sectors and sectors. And innovation will play a very important role in shaping the common future. , particularly in the social, political and economic spheres, must ensure the inclusion of women’s perspectives in these links between technology and development and ensure its sustainability.

Al-Kaabi emphasized three areas of continued focus in bridging the digital gender gap. Technology has made it possible to get education during the “Covid 19” pandemic. and jobs without interruption, hailing the success of the Emirati experience during the pandemic, expanding distance education courses to make them available to all and launching several digital education initiatives. and platforms.

And second: harnessing the opportunities offered by the digital age to enhance women’s participation in the political sphere, technology can bring tangible changes in the fields of peace-building and women’s participation in peace processes.

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Third: Ensuring the participation of women and girls in preparing for a future with challenges and opportunities, including tackling climate change and exploring space. He emphasized the UAE’s interest in creating equal opportunities for women and men to access technology used in various fields.