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Emirati newspaper: Russia, Ukraine open door for talks to end war

Emirati newspaper: Russia, Ukraine open door for talks to end war

Abu Dhabi – aua

Posted: Saturday 12 March 2022 – 10:37 AM | Last Updated: Saturday 12 March 2022 – 10:37 AM

The Emirati newspaper (Al-Khaleej) reports that despite the lack of progress in the meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, the two sides have opened the door for further talks. Conversation to reach an agreement eventually brings the war to an end.

And the newspaper wrote – today Saturday, in its editorial, entitled “The Beginning of a Change of Attitude” – that the opening of humanitarian corridors to refugees means that there is more communication between the two sides in addition to the existing communication between Moscow. And many European and international leaders, which increases the likelihood of reaching an agreement.

He added that the announcement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky would lay the groundwork for negotiations as it meets certain Russian conditions on bilateral relations. Demands mutual protection guarantees.

He pointed out that the extent to which negotiations between Russia and Ukraine could be achieved depended on how far the United States could move and put pressure on Kiev, especially as Washington’s positions with Moscow were moving towards further political and economic expansion. Prevents it from achieving any of its goals.

The newspaper concludes: “The US administration has so far firmly believed that the drastic measures taken against Russia will weaken it, thus drowning it in its exhaustion and exhaustion, both militarily and economically, and in the Ukrainian mire.”