March 21, 2023

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المنتجة الفلسطينية مي عودة

Open borders to all Arab filmmakers

Palestinian producer Mai Odeh appealed to political decision-makers in all Arab countries to open all borders to all Arab filmmakers.

After receiving the Creative Achievement Award at the closing ceremony of the El Ghouna Film Festival, on behalf of Palestinian actor and director Mohammed Bakri, he did not attend because he could not get an entry visa.

May Othe demanded that boundaries should not be a barrier to filmmakers publishing a purposeful art message.

“This theater, this red carpet and this screen is there to celebrate these artists. Unfortunately they are not because of the repressive measures against the artists,” he said at the closing ceremony of the festival.

In an interview with Reuters after the closing ceremony in May, May Ode said: “I am not talking about a specific festival. I am talking about all Arab countries and all festivals, especially film festivals. Also, I am not just talking about Palestinians, but Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis.”

Mai, who has presented several important films that have won big prizes over the past few years, added: “Last year, directors Arab and Tarzan Nasser were unable to attend the Cairo International Film Festival, and then my film (Gaza Monamour) opened in Jordan. It was a festival and filmmakers did not get entry visas. (200m) was shown in Lebanon and I did not attend due to visa. ”

He added, “I’m very happy to be in Palestinian film festivals, but in the presence of a Palestinian artist, the producer who works is also important.

My Ode believes that the works of cinematic artists are proof of their good intentions because the screen reveals the truth they express.

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He concluded his speech by saying, “I hope there will be exceptions for artists who are ambassadors to their countries.