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Even if it is locked … these steps will find your stolen or lost iPhone through belbalady.net


The US company has released one of the best features for Apple and iPhone users with its new operating system iOS 15, which allows users to find a missing or stolen iPhone with the Find My feature.

According to The Verge, the new feature will give a kiss back to lost and stolen iPhones.

Users of the following phones will be able to get this great feature that was recently introduced a few weeks ago on iOS 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 phones as well as iOS 15.

You can find out if your stolen or lost iPhone is turned off by the following steps:

Go to your settings, tap your name, and then tap “Find Me”.

Tap “Find My iPhone”.

Enable “Find My iPhone” and if you upgrade to iOS 15, you can also enable “Find My Network” which will allow you to find your phone even if it is offline and then “Send Last Location” to your iPhone’s account when your battery runs out. Will be.

If you can’t find your iPhone, you can track it on any other Mac or iPhone using the Find My app or go to iCloud.com/find and sign in with your Apple ID or Apple ID.

If you are using the web version, you will see a green dot identifying the location of your iPhone; Select the dot and circle “i” for the information, and you will be given the option to turn on, mute, or put your phone in “lost mode”.

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In lost mode, you can also access the phone number “Please return this phone as soon as possible!”. After that, the phone will be locked until you re-enter its passcode.

If you use the Find My app, you will get the same features other than the look with graphical directions on how to get your phone.

If you are using iOS 15 on a device and you are using the Find My app, you will get the same features, with graphical directions on how to get your phone.

If you are using iOS 15 on your iPhone, you can find it even if the battery is dead or turned off, you can find it even if the battery is dead or turned off.

You can use the Find My app to share your location with people, send frequent notifications about your departure and arrival times, and assist with your security.

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