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Exchange actors or shake up production companies?


Lebanese production companies are still in a state of confusion, with no policy or clear strategic vision for the future and reality of theater. The matter is limited to the competition between the managers of these institutions, depending on the commercial and personal interests of the first degree. As for representatives; They are captives in the hands of the highest wage earner.
It is noteworthy that the change occurs only with regard to the heroes of the Syrian actors, while Nadine Nassib Enjeem is in the company “Cedars Art Production” which she took over in 2013, and Maggie Bou Ghosn is in the company owned by her husband Jamal Sinan.
A few days ago, Eagle Films announced that Syrian actor Qusai Ghawli has joined the production of the series, which will be screened in the drama season of Ramzan 2024. Gowley has worked with Nadine Nijaim for several years in joint theater troupes, perhaps most notably in Asmar’s directed Bihadat, Bihadat, Bihadat story. Due to the success of the series, Gowley had to complete work related to sites such as “Paranoia” written and directed by Osama Al-Nasser with the company “Cedars Art Production”. “No Judgment” directed by Philip Asmar and “From To” directed by Majdi Samira and written by Bilal Shehadat, Osama Al-Nasser’s latest work “Finally” shown in Ramadan did not meet the expected success, affecting the relationship between Qusai Khouli and Al-Sabah Company.
A few weeks ago, “Cedars Art Production” announced that Syrian actor Muhammad Al-Ahmed will join the series for the Ramadan 2024 season. Al-Ahmed from 03 who participated in two seasons of the Turkish series dubbed into Arabic. Death” directed by Philip Asmer. This time he chose the company of producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, to front Nadine Najeem in his first collaboration for a story written by Asmar directed by Bilal Shehadat, who reconciled with “Al-Sabah” and is getting ready to start shooting for the 15-episode series.

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Actor Tim Hassan is under contract with Cedars Art Productions for the ninth year. To date there have been no significant differences between the two parties, while the company considers Hassan to be the winning card in promoting and selling the series. This is what he devoted to the five-part series “Al-Haiba”, which was shown for many years and achieved a high following rate.
In turn, Maxim Khalil is absent from the scene after many years of participating in the play for the Ramadan season. It is reported that he left the Lebanese production houses because of his role in the series “Smile, General” written by Samar Radwan and directed by Orwa Muhammad. Some of them considered “Smile, General” to reveal the facts about the Syrian regime, which adds the hero of the series to the list of absent actors in this period, until the film became clear, especially since Khalil did not make any statements about this work, not even about the charges against him.

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