May 24, 2022

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Exercise or a healthy diet is not the easiest way to protect against heart disease

Exercise or a healthy diet is not the easiest way to protect against heart disease

Two experts warned in an article they published CNN website The dangers of wearing outdoor shoes and entering homes and “pulling under your shoes is the last thing on your mind,” they said.

The two scientists who wrote this article, Mark Patrick Taylor, chief ecologist at the Environmental Protection Agency in Victoria, Australia, and Gabriel Philippelli, professor of geology at Indiana University, have been researching indoor pollution for about 10 years.

The article notes that despite the controversy over entering the house with shoes or taking them off, science tends to take off the shoes and “let the dirt out the door”.

They found that one-third of the pollutants coming from outside the home came from the air or through the soles of shoes, and some of the germs found on shoes and floors were found to be pathogens of drug-resistant diseases. It is difficult to come from hospitals and provide treatment.

Shoes contain carcinogenic toxins, which come from asphalt road debris and chemicals in the meadow, which disrupt the work of the endocrine glands.

In their previous studies, both scientists measured the levels of toxic metals (such as arsenic, cadmium and lead) in homes in 35 countries, and found that many of the pollutants, lead, were odorless and colorless. I don’t know if you are exposed to them or not.

Science also says that there is a very strong link between lead in the house and the yard, and that it is the dirt of the yard, shoes or pets that helps to get into the house.

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Despite the controversy over this, both scientists say it is easy to take off your shoes at the door.

“Leaving your shoes on the doorstep also leaves harmful pathogens there,” the article says. “We all know that prevention is far better than cure, and taking shoes on the doorstep is an essential and easy preventative measure for many of us.”

If you need to wear foot support shoes indoors, use only indoor shoes, but do not go outside the house.