May 22, 2022

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The success of the “secret file” reflects the understanding between the teams

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Lebanese actress Madeleine Thapar has expressed her delight with the positive reactions to the “secret file” series currently on display during the current Ramadan marathon.

“Tabar” said: “I’m very happy with the success of the” Secret File “series on the critical and public level, and I think this success reflects the chemistry and understanding between the crews before and after the camera.”

Madeleine embodied the role of editor-in-chief of a newspaper in Brotherhood 2013 in the series File Secret, a time of challenges and threats for all those who oppose her. The role of the mother was played by an honorable judge, played by Honey Salama, while her eldest son was played by a talented lawyer, Nidal al-Shafi.

National roles

In his statements, Thapar confirmed that he acknowledged his role at work after reading the work environment, explaining that his character combines emotional memory and at the same time soft feelings based on serenity. About the judge, her husband, the judge’s character and her position on corruption cases.

Explaining that Egyptian Street trusts her, Madeleine pointed out that she always shines in national roles, and that they want her in the role of an Egyptian mother in a “secret file” who wants to make her dream of owning Egyptian Street come true. Nationality because of the real sense that she belongs to Egypt.

Notably, the “Secret File” series, starring Honey Salama, Ayesha bin Ahmed, Edward, Madeleine Tabar, Nidel Al-Shafi, Carolyn Azmi and Guest of Honor, is from Mahmoud Hajjaj’s story and screenplay. , And directed by Hassan al-Balasi.


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