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Expectations hang over Sudan after al-Burhan’s decisions


Shaban Bilal (Cairo)

There was a sense of anticipation in Sudan’s domestic arena after the decisions of the Sovereignty Council announced by the Speaker of the Council, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, exempted 5 members of the Council’s civilian body from their posts. – The participation of the military establishment in the ongoing negotiations in the tripartite mechanism, and allowing political and revolutionary forces to form a competent government during the dialogue.
In a statement, the Sovereignty Council said, “Al-Burhan held a meeting with the five outgoing members, Abul-Qasim Bardam, Raja Nicola, Abdul-Baghi Al-Zubair, Yusef Ghat Karim and Salma Abdul-Jabbar, and thanked them. Work diligently and diligently to serve the country.
Three members appointed under the Juba Peace Agreement were retained: Malik Agar (President of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-East), Tahir Hajar (President of the Sudan Liberation Forces Assembly), and Hadi Idris (President of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Interim Council).
The decision comes after al-Burhan announced his intention to dissolve the Sovereignty Council and establish another high-level body for security and defense after the formation of an administrative government. Ending the crisis for the parties to come to a consensus.
Political experts and analysts said al-Burhan’s decisions presented a great opportunity for the public to accept a civil, impartial government governing the interim period, stressing the need to take advantage of this opportunity to unite the public and reach an agreement. The current crisis. Since October 25, Sudan has seen widespread protests and demonstrations after the Sudanese Sovereign Council dissolved the government, sparking a wave of rejection from the street, calling for a return to power by the general public.
Asmahan Ibrahim, a Sudanese researcher in political science at the University of Khartoum, confirmed that Al-Burhan created an important opportunity for citizens to agree on a citizen, not a partisan government to govern the transitional period. Unless there is an offer from all parties to cross, it will be very difficult to reach a unified agreement for the security of Sudan. Asmahan Ibrahim explained to al-Ittihad that any justification for the protests exploded after the military withdrew from the political dialogue, and that al-Burhan threw the ball into the public’s court.
He considered the Sudanese army to be a real partner in the political process after the rescue revolution in 2018, explaining that the government led by Dr. Abdullah Hamdok was formed, but it did not succeed in providing any solution to the country’s complex. Economic problems resulting from decades of economic sanctions imposed on Sudan.
Sudanese researcher Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the Sovereignty Council, dissolved Hamdok’s government and declared a state of emergency after failing to run the country, which has sparked protests for the past few months, with protesters demanding a civilian government. and demanding a dialogue involving all Sudanese to govern the interim period in preparation for general elections, and the military’s withdrawal from the political scene where the armed forces have been rejected. Asmahan affirmed that the refusal and contradiction of the “forces of change” to this solution prompted al-Burhan to announce the withdrawal of the military from political life. African Union and IGAD.” While there is some optimism about the possibility of the Sudanese parties sitting at the negotiating table after the military withdrawal, Dr. Tamader Al-Tayeb, a professor at the Center for Diplomatic Studies at the University of Khartoum, affirmed the prospects for negotiations. Unlikely.

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