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“Expo” .. an inspiring site for art and culture


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The United Arab Emirates’ interest in art and culture has strengthened its file to win the effort to host “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and the goal set by the UAE by organizing “Expo 2020 Dubai” is to send a message to the whole world that enrich human history, enrich human history. , Overcomes challenges and builds the future. Sustainable progress and prosperity, especially since we are living with two global crises that threaten life on Earth, and this is a call for an immediate solution, namely environmental problems and the “corona” epidemic, and since our article is about what culture and art are at the “Expo”, The first thing that can be confirmed is that the exhibition itself is an integrated work of art, created by minds motivated and inspired by creativity and innovation.

The UAE is creating the future
The United Arab Emirates has chosen the slogan “Connecting Minds … Creating the Future” as the title of its campaign for “Expo 2020 Dubai”. This slogan is in line with the policy of the United Arab Emirates in all fields. Communication and hospitality, and its economy and smart cities and its passion for innovation, art and culture are shaping the future. Artists and intellectuals are a part of this future, which was confirmed by the writer Saeed Al Badi, who said, “Civilization is based on intellectuals and thinkers, and the United Arab Emirates created civilization and embraced the future and intellectuals. No less than others.Expo is working to introduce the culture of the UAE through the activities of 2020. In the case, culture and the art industry are intertwined with the economy and trade.In addition to the creative aspect of the artwork, it is also a product of supply and demand, and the art of the UAE Promotes shows.It has become the property of countries in the field, and international museums such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which hosts exhibitions and major cultural events. And affirms its experience in organizing art events.

Cultural and art shows
Expo 2020 Dubai will be packed with cultural and art shows, including an exhibition art project with an exhibition produced by Egyptian art coordinator Tarek Abul Fodou, who created an art setting based on the display of contemporary artwork in public places. Welcome the audience. It has a future urban expansion, and in this regard he said it confirms: “Our project offers a unique model of blending urban growth and a comprehensive art scene based on popular artwork, so that contemporary art has an excellent and influential (expo 2020) public space on site Presence (Expo) is an exceptional river, and to leave a lasting visual and aesthetic tradition that is in tune with the urban fabric of this futuristic part of the city.

Therefore, “Expo” can be considered as a global platform for art and culture, which is a valuable opportunity to reach and expand the cultural interaction that results from the exchange of experiences between the intellectuals and artists participating in the exhibition. The aim of the art culture in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the entire region, confirmed by plastic artist Yath Mousavi: “In my opinion, the exhibition will be a success in the use of art in social service … Every angle in the exhibition is used to showcase the various works of art of citizens and residents, and this is without a doubt Adds more aesthetics to the site, and a complete openness to culture and art. In addition to local and Arabic culture and art display. “

Regarded as one of the finest works of art, the exhibition will be filled with countless architectural masterpieces, and will be displayed on the world’s largest 360-degree screen, to more than a hundred renowned international pavilions. . Among the stunning designs at the Expo is a design inspired by the shape of a falcon, the National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates, and this pavilion was designed to be the Falcon ready to fly, and it was designed by a well-known Spanish futurist. Architect and sculptor Santiago Galatrava, and was the design and expression of the Emirate environment.
Expo 2020 Dubai not only embraces the cultures of the world, but also informs the world about UAE culture and its civilization, where creativity, art, culture, tradition and economy showcase its efforts to showcase the bright face of the Emirates. Supporting development domestically and globally, appreciating innovation, appreciating life and contributing to creating a sustainable environment in the future, highlighting the role of culture and art in the progress and development of the country and serving all human beings. “Expo 2020 Dubai” will pave the way for strengthening people-to-people contacts, enhancing their contacts, opening new frontiers for cooperation between countries, exchanging ideas, cultural diversity, material and non-essential. Tradition, urban development and openness to the artistic and cultural experiences of creators and artists

In addition, the exhibition includes cultural and musical performances, theater and dance performances, cinema and more, where various artists, intellectuals and artists from all over the world will showcase their cultural products and works of art in pavilions representing 91 countries, and these art performances will include artists. Form a kind of interaction so that they exchange experiences with each other, thus enhancing the dialogue of cultures and tolerance, and affirming the role of art in serving local and global issues. The exhibition directs visitors to present their art, including their ideas and visions, to a large number of recipients from different parts of the world.

Art and cultural audiences
The number of visitors to the “Dubai Expo” is expected to reach more than 25 million people, 70% of whom are from abroad, and all of these visitors will be accommodated after all the facilities are prepared by Dubai. For them. As culture, creativity and art are at the pillars of the Dubai Expo, these visitors are invited to enjoy a luxurious cultural and art feast, as well as to see the innovations presented by the pavilions of the participating countries, which define the features of our world we live in today, enabling us to interact with its aspirations and slogans. Gaining more awareness of future challenges, as well as the exhibition opens the door for introduction and communication among visitors from different countries and citizens of the world. Residents. Expo 2020 Dubai, through its art and cultural programs, will provide an opportunity for all visitors to the exhibition to learn about other cultures that contribute to spreading awareness about creating the future, and this construction will not take place until conditions are met. Supports art, culture, innovation and sustainability. The exhibition will also be an opportunity for meetings and movement to return after more than a year of disruption due to the “Govt 19” epidemic.
In preparation for the launch of the exhibition, participating countries began to showcase their pavilions, which feature some of the most important designs in various fields of science, engineering, culture, art and more. All these countries will show the audience examples of their culture and arts. Discoveries and suggestions for a stable world.
In addition to international culture, the audience is well versed in Emirati culture by organizing events featuring singing paintings, folk dance, plastic and theatrical arts and other creative and art forms.

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