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With the participation of “Erm News” .. Launch of Jordan Arab Media Festival Activities (Photos and Videos)


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October 03, 2021 10:51 GMT

Update Date: October 03, 2021 11:55 GMT

The fourth edition of the Jordanian Arab Media Festival, entitled “The Jerusalem Session”, kicked off on Monday at the Royal Hotel in the Jordanian capital, Amman, under the chairmanship of Media Minister Zakar Todin. On behalf of Prime Minister Bishr al-Kasawne, it includes a number of competitions, seminars and lectures.

In his inaugural address, Tudin welcomed the guests of the ceremony, emphasizing Jordan’s efforts to mobilize support for the Palestinian cause and its role in al-Quds al-Sharif, choosing Jerusalem as the main theme of the festival. We must support the determination of the Palestinian brothers to achieve their just rights.

The Minister reiterated Jordan’s firm and firm stance that the Holy City must preserve its historical and legal status, its Arab, Islamic and Christian identity, and adhere to international resolutions in this regard.

Tudin stressed that uniting global and Arab efforts to support the Palestinian cause and the rights of the fraternal Palestinian people is one of the goals of the Arab media and regional forums to communicate our moderate voice to the world. On the one hand, and the pursuit of its rights on the other.

In turn, Minister Ahmed Assaf, the general supervisor of the official Palestinian media, praised the Jordanian-Palestinian fraternal relations, the role of Jordan and its Hashimite leadership in defending the rights of the Palestinian people, and the Islamic and Christian holy sites. Al-Quds al-Sharif pointed out the importance of holding the ceremony at this time under the name “Jerusalem Session”.

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“Erm News” participates in the festival, three films of its production under the category of documentaries, the first under the title: “Ahwas, the abducted paradise of the Arabs”, the second: “Death with the dose of medicine”, and the third: “Shias in Tunisia … roots and orientations”.

Held over 3 days, the festival dedicates its seminars to the Holy City and the events it faces, especially in the midst of this year’s Sheikh Zarra environmental crisis, the official visit to the Palestinian state, and the participation of media and art personalities representing the official and private sectors from many Arab countries.

The activities of the festival will include holding dialogue sessions discussing the dangers and events in the city of Jerusalem, and prizes will be awarded to the radio and television works that won the festival’s competitions.

The festival’s competitions include a “drama series” competition, a radio show competition, a documentary competition, a live broadcast competition and a comedy series competition.

Competitions include speech competition competition, amateur and youth programs competition, animation program competition and finally children’s song competition.

Many media personalities and Arab and Jordanian artists, including Syrian artist Salma al-Masri, Egyptian artist Khalid Zaki, Lebanese journalist Marcel Ghanem, Syrian director Basil al-Qadif, Egyptian artist Mona Abdel Gani, will be honored at the event. Emirati artist and director Habib Ghulam, Saudi journalist Youssef al-Jarra and Bahraini director Inas Yacoub and Libyan artist Kaduja Sabri.

It is noteworthy that the festival is held in March every year, but due to the corona epidemic it was decided to postpone this year to October, and in light of the epidemic situation, the festival management decided to reduce the number of people invited to attend the activities of this year’s session, as only 250 to 300 invitees have been made.

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