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Author: Muhammad Ismail

3 Movies I saw strong competition during the Eid al-Fitr season, with Ahmed El-Sakka and Mona Jackie’s “The Spider”, Ahmed Helmi’s “One Tony” and Ali Rabaye’s “Zombie”. The question that arises is, income only. A star and a criterion for the success of a work of art?

Critic Rami al-Medwali says that are the works of Ahmed El Sakka Despite its diversity, the action prevailed, with the last two films “From 30 Years” and “Forced Escape” succeeding, but the second largest grosser, but it fell into cash. Mohammad Nair and director Ahmed Jalal were with them for the first time in cinematography, but unfortunately, the multiplication of stars sometimes has a negative effect.One reason is that Sakka is a kind of support because Sakka is no longer Sakka 10 years ago, it seemed clear. Mona Jackie’s character, which in my view is not interested in work, but because Mona is an important partner for Sakka, he can not do without her, so he looked for her for a role in the film. The scenes in between reminded us of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Day and Night.

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Rami al-Medwali added that the action did not coincide with al-Saqqa as al-Saqqa was approaching his fiftieth year, and added that “in my opinion, al-Saqqa should not be dragged into accusations of action and movement. As the saying goes, al-Saqqa appeared heavily in the movement and in the role of the hero.

Rami Al-Medwali denies that it is a reflection of the success of the film and its quality, which is a completely false belief. Released in conjunction with the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Ali Rabi’s Zombie and Ahmed Helmi’s two other films deserve this level of income, and if they had been shown in another, during or before a heavy movie like Blue Elephant, the latter would have completely drowned them out. The evidence is that this season’s revenue is also weak. The revenue did not exceed 100 million pounds. I remember the revenue surpassed 300 million in one season, and Kareem Abdel Aziz’s The Blue Elephant 2, Ahmed Ezz’s Welad Rizk 2 and other films were compared. In the current season, it is considered zero, so the income is not a constant, because the corona virus is released and the audience is thirsty to go to the cinema after a period of absence due to the thirst for precautionary measures. For his favorite star. “

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According to critic Rami Abdel Razek, he believes that “The Spider” movie is somewhat technically normal, and although I firmly believe that Ahmed L-Sakka is a talented actor, he should not only be an action star. It’s true that no matter how talented you are, you can not compete with time and age. Once again, contemporary action would ruin his artistic history. Among them are Hollywood action stars. Whoever he was was stubborn over time, as he continued to present these films, he lost his star and most importantly the earlier mood of the masses, and there were those who were able to deliver action films, but taking into account the time difference, the addition film was criticized or ignored by the audience, and the two were harder than each other.

Rami Abdel Rasek confirms that the revenue is sometimes a true reflection and mirror of the success of the work, in which parts The Blue Elephant movie took place, which was the highest grossing and most competitive in the history of Egyptian cinema. As for the Spider movie, it was ideal to watch about 10 years ago, in our time, the circumstances of the offer helped him and helped him to achieve that income, if given to him at another time, he will not succeed. Those revenues.

When saying Critic Mahmoud Qasim Revealing a false star that is clearly shown in a solo and spider film is certainly collectible, which is highly anticipated by the audience, but disappointing as their technical level is mediocre. The reviews and Eid al-Fitr movie season were merciful to the producers because of the losses they almost faced, which reflects a warning bell for Sakka to carefully choose her roles in the upcoming season, as there are other films like The. Spider, 30 years ago, The Dealer and others who did not get the expected success from the Sakka size star.

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Mahmoud Qasim adds that films like The Blue Elephant and The Passage were able to strike a balance between choosing a star, script and finally motion and production, and a good work. Light up in this respectable way, they made huge profits at the same time.Explore their choices and find out what the public needs at that time, especially to take off the robe of the famous star who beats enemies with the sword. strike.”

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