May 28, 2023

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Fear and anticipation ... Bayern Munich threatens Barcelona with "corruption"

Fear and anticipation … Bayern Munich threatens Barcelona with “corruption”

Exactly a year ago, it emerged Barcelona One of the worst defeats in his football history Bayern Munich, In the quarter Champions League, With a score of 2-8.

That defeat represents a rich object of mockery and derision by Barcelona by the opponent’s fans, while it represents a “dream” for the Catalan team’s fans.

Barcelona face the German legend again on Tuesday evening in the first round of Group E of the Champions League, but this time, Barcelona appear to be much weaker than the 8-goal version.

The Catalan club entered Bayern Munich with a “weak” attacking line, leaving only two players, Dutch Memphis Debe and Luke de Jong, suffering from injuries and lack of physical readiness.

Barcelona will miss 4 strikers due to injury, including Danish Martin Broadway, Argentina Sergio Aguero, Spaniard Anju Pathi and Frenchman Osman Tempel.

Compared to the historically defeated Barcelona team, its 3 main stars Argentina Lionel Messi, Uruguayan Luis Suarez and Frenchman Antoine Griezmann have left the club and the current team is very weak.

And with fires rising inside Barcelona, ​​a “corruption scenario” is once again in the hands of Bayern Munich, which does not seem to be less powerful than the 2020 team, while the Catalan club’s team is weak.

Barcelona host their arch-rivals Bayern Munich at Camp Nou on Tuesday evening, at 11pm Abu Dhabi time.

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