March 25, 2023

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Ferdinand: It's time for Soulscare to leave

Ferdinand: It’s time for Soulscare to leave

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has called on current Norwegian Red Devils current coach Ole Gunner Solskare to step down, following the team’s recent poor results and his slip to sixth in the English Premier League.

The former United striker is enjoying his tough times in the Premier League after a humiliating 0-5 defeat to Liverpool in the Manchester derby on Saturday.

Prior to calling for Solskare’s departure, Ferdinand was one of the former United players who supported his former teammate, who led the team to second place behind City last season.

Ferdinand found that United fans were delighted at the start of the current season with the return of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to “Old Trafford” and the signing of Keaton Sancho and French defender Rafael Warren, but the results were not optimistic.

“I’m just sitting here thinking I can win the league now,” he added, via the “YouTube” channel, on the “Wipe with Five” show.

He continued, “I look at our team every week and wonder what tactics we are going to do. I do not see any philosophy or identity in the style of the Manchester United game. It all has to be from the management. I’m sitting here with confusion.

Ferdinand talked to Soulscare about the progress United have made in almost three years, but now feels the need for a change.

“I was always skeptical of myself,” the 43-year-old former defender added. “Can he take us to the crown? I’m not sure, I do not fully believe. I hope he can do it. That.”

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“But with the results he has had with the team until the start of this season, and from what I’m seen this season, I feel it’s time to hand over the baton to someone else who can lead us,” he concluded. We were where we were at the start of the season and I think that’s a positive thing. “