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FilGoal | News | Conversation in July – Abdel-Baghi Kamal.. on Malouda in Egypt, who criticized Talkis and saved Sharif’s life


Not the old club, though Wadi Tigris In a decade and a half, he imposed his name on one of the most important Egyptian clubs, both managerially and technically.

And no one is more knowledgeable and intimately connected to the Tigris Valley than Abdul Baqi Jamal.

The man who played for the Tigris Valley and worked in its technical staff for several years and then assumed its technical leadership for a while, spoke to in a lengthy conversation in which he summed up the years.

Experience coaching Frenchman Florent Malouda, working with Patrice Carderon, criticizing Takis Junias’ style of play, how he saved Mohammed Sharif’s life, and many more recent topics were the focus of our conversation with Abdel Baki Jamal.

Now let’s go to the heart of the conversation, which you can see in the video.


“Malouda, although he has a big star, we don’t feel this difference. I joked with him and asked if I was better or Mourinho. He is a simple man, we don’t feel that he is a legend, he is related. With big names. If you meet her, take a picture with her. You’ll love it.”

“He was a great technical addition, he played half a season with us, in which he contributed 12 goals, and his recruitment was for marketing purposes to promote the name of Wadi Tekla. That was the direction of Wadi Tekla until Carderan. The situation, after that the trend changed completely.”

“Maloda handled it with great professionalism, he didn’t come to finish or enjoy his career, but he attended a fitness trainer and personal rehabilitation company, he trained as a player in his twenty years, and communicated that mentality to the youth. Players, he was a leader in the locker room.”

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“He handled it very seriously and worked hard to prove himself, and showed professionalism to the other players without speaking, just by watching how he trained or recovered every day. We finished that season in fifth place on goal difference. Third and fourth.”

Mohammed Sharif

“The first player in the youth section who clearly influenced the satire of the first team was Mohamed Sharif. He was in the 95 squad and had no part in the first team. We had great players like Tudu Al-Jabbas, Hussam Arafat and Stanley in our squad.

“After the 95th match, he and another group were going to leave, but Ali Abu Griesha stopped it, Abu Griesha’s role in the club was very important. He went to Hamada Sedgi and told him to look at these players differently. They have left and they are not fit for the first team,” said their report. age coach.”

“Hamada Sedgi, the coach, appointed me with Ahmad Fadallah to train this team, and in one week I saw a unified player different from other players, so I told Hamada Sedgi about him. The same week he was promoted, he participated with the first team.”

“We were fifth in the league and we didn’t need players, but he saw something in Sharif. He then became a very important part of Wadi Tekla.”

“I also worked with Ahmed Attef when he was the technical director of the youth team he was in. The team included Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmad Saeed, Felix, Islam Hisham, Hadi Riad, Ahmad Hajji, Mahmoud Merhi, Mohamed Reda Bobo and many others. .”

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“We finished second to the champions in the Republic League by one point, and we were the team that scored the most goals and the team that conceded the fewest goals.”

Comparison between Junias, Carteron, Sedky and Ramzi

“Junias is an attacking coach who plays in possession and creates attacks from the back and short passes.”

“Carderone is a different school. He’s a defensive coach, he relies on transitions and doesn’t build play from the back, but can rely on sending lengths to the striker on the second ball.”

“Hamada Sedgi is a balanced coach, loves the ball aesthetically, but is defensively disciplined.”

“Hani Ramsey relied on good defensive formation and changes, but with him the quality of the players was not high, because during the revolution the whole team was in Liers, Belgium.”

Criticism of Junias

“Junias’ style lacked defensive balance and our turnover rate was very, very high. In the first season with him we finished the league with -7 goals difference. Because he tried so hard, we didn’t have solutions in front of the team. Defensive groups, our possession was negative at times, and the opposition’s goal. We are not threatening”.

“After that we worked on developing these negatives in the period I took over and there was a big difference, we started playing aesthetic ball and possession and not scoring many goals.”

You can watch the full interview here Here

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Abdel Baki Jamal Wadi Tekla, Egyptian League

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