April 1, 2023

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Fiorentina joins Sassuolo ... and Vlahovich equals Cristiano Ronaldo

Fiorentina joins Sassuolo … and Vlahovich equals Cristiano Ronaldo

Rome – AFP
Serbian star Dusan Villahovic equaled Cristiano Ronaldo’s tally of goals scored in a single year in the Italian Football League with “33 goals” during a 2-2 draw with his guest Sacuolo in the 18th round on Sunday.
In the last twenty minutes he came down with two goals and ended the match with ten men out of the draw, but Fiorentina failed to be alone in the fifth.
After both Roma and Juventus won their matches on Saturday, Fiorentina had to win on Sunday to retain their single position.
“Viola”, Roma and Juventus have 31 points, while the capital team is leading by five goals, while Beorentina and Juventus are seventh.
This is the fourth consecutive win in Serie A for Coach Vicengo Italino’s brilliant men this season.
Sassuolo took a 2-0 lead in the first half thanks to Gianluca Samaka (32) and David Fratici (37). In the 68th minute, after receiving the second yellow card, their player Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off.
Vilahovic secured his place with 16 goals in the league this season with 16 goals, raising his tally to 33 in Serie A in 2021 and equalizing Ronaldo’s tally with Juventus in 2020. Achieved since 1960.
The Serbian will have the opportunity to break this record in the final game of the year against Verona, who will host his team next Wednesday.
After scoring in the sixth game in a row in the league, Vilahovic became the second player in Fiorentina’s history to score this in a season of “three points for the winner” since Gabriel Batistuda of Argentina scored in 11 games. In a row in 1994, according to the Opta Statistics website.
Milan will then play its guest Napoli in San Siro at the top of the stage, with Emboli, Torino and Verona playing against Spacia and Venezuela.

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