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Five deaths in one day due to “corona” .. “Scientific team” clarifies


Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare announced an increase in the number of new infections and five deaths caused by the corona virus, a number not recorded for several weeks and reflected throughout the past week; This raises the question of the possibility of reversing the severity of the virus.

Professor Saeed Afif, a member of the vaccine’s scientific team, told Hezpress that Omigran is a AB5 mutant that represents 52 percent of infections, and that if it is not largely severe, its impact is on a weakened immune system leading to death and relapse, with a BA2 mutation rate of 32 percent He pointed out.

According to official data from the Hesperus health source, three of the people who died yesterday did not receive the Govt vaccine.

Commenting on this fact, Professor Saeed Afif said in the same report that the vaccine plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.

Affif called on people to use the muzzle in closed areas, to be careful about getting the dose of the vaccine, and to diagnose it if they experience certain symptoms such as headaches and fever, especially if the elderly are at home. As they should not be infected.

The same spokesman said the number of resurrection cases had increased; However, it emphasizes that there are currently 49 cured cases in Morocco compared to the first waves of the epidemic.

For his part, Professor Saeed Mudawakil, a member of the Scientific Committee for the fight against Govt 19, said the positive analysis index was 24 per cent, which did not exceed 1 per cent in the past and then rose to 5 per cent. , Then 10 percent, then 12 percent, then 15 percent. 100 days in advance, statistics confirming the presence of a new wave with mild symptoms and should be handled with the necessary caution.

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Mudavakil explained that most of the cases registered in the death category, including those reported yesterday, were of the elderly and victims of other chronic diseases such as immunodeficiency, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Recovery is likely to rise; But not much.

The health official said the science panel would make new recommendations regarding the fourth dose, adding that “the groups targeted by this injection are the elderly and immunocompromised, and the process will most likely be approved starting in the fall.”

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare announced yesterday that 3,141 people have been confirmed infected with the corona virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected people in Morocco to 1,192,797.

According to the Daily Bulletin of Epidemiological Status, the total number of analyzes completed since the virus began to spread nationally on March 2, 2020, after 12,812 new tests, has reached 11,829,455.

According to official data, 5 deaths were reported during the same period, bringing the total to 16,092.

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