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The most beautiful surface sculptures in the world

The most beautiful surface sculptures in the world

Translation: Assa Yusuf

“Topiary” is the art of cutting down trees, and smart gardening to carve the leaves of plants and shrubs into animal or geometric shapes. Britain’s Stars Insider lists some amazing examples of the ingenuity of green jewelry.

Between 1689 and 1712, the Levans Hall Topiary Garden in Cambria, similar to the Lanhydrock House in Cornwall, was founded by the French gardener Guillo Bumont.

Sato de Marquisac Park dates back to the seventeenth century AD and is the main reason for many to visit the city of Tordogne.

In Tulkan, the Garden Cemetery has more than 100 landscape sculptures, with creative animal figures lined up on one side.

At the Cuganheim Museum in Bilbao, visitors encounter a giant green puppy designed by American artist Jeff Goons.

In the central cultural park of the city of Kaluga, there are many green bears, works of art of “Topiary”.

United States
Kids love to explore the Green Zoo on Rhode Island, the world’s most eco-friendly zoo.

The garden of wonders “Ville Land” is located near Viterbo, surrounded by tall square hedges, and its center is carved and created with decorative patterns around small fountains.

Travelers coming from Jewel Changi Airport can explore the nature-inspired recreational complex, which includes a variety of exquisite sculptures and a dazzling upper corridor.

The Chuan Luang Rama Botanical Garden in Bangkok has a magnificent top garden that is carefully maintained.

Crumrich was chosen as the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic, and the well-known castle in the city is famous for its original and ornate flower garden.

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One of the most popular attractions for visitors on the Atlantic island of Madeira is the Botanical Garden, which has unique surface patterns.