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Following the announcement of the French election results, the defeated candidate is “in financial trouble”


But problems Republican Party She did not stand there because she was in a dilemma as the failed candidate could not pay the expenses of that woman.For the election campaign.

From party headquarters on Monday morning, the Republican leader announced that he personally owed up to five million euros. “To finish funding her campaign,” she asked French His supporters also called for “emergency assistance to cover the costs of his campaign.”

And excluded Valerie Beckress From the first round of the presidential election on Sunday, April 10, with a historically low turnout.

The leader of the Ile-de-France Regional Council came in with 4.8 percent of the vote, ahead of President Emmanuel Macron (27.84%) and National Front candidate Marine Le Pen (23.15%) and leftist Jean-Luc. Mellonson (21.95%). And the controversial far-right Eric Gemmore received 7% of the vote.

Unexpected scene

In response to this weak percentage, Sky News Arabia’s political analyst Stephen Somsteik said, “The presidential candidate, regardless of his political orientation, has the right to recover 50 per cent of the campaign expenses, less than 5% of the campaign cost. All expenses incurred out of own pocket must be financed. “

Because of this situation, Republicans who were waiting for 8 to 10 percent of the vote, in the worst case scenario, did not expect Valerie Beckress to say that her party “could not handle campaign spending” and that its “financial situation was difficult.”

Therefore, “he addressed a national appeal for donations to all the French people associated with political pluralism and freedom of expression, to all who cast their ballots, and to all who wished for good votes”.

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He pointed out that he was “personally indebted to the tune of five million euros” and that the campaign would cost seven million, which is why he called for assistance before May 15, the date of recovery of the full Valerie compensation. Beckress campaign from the French state.

As a reminder, Chris’ personal assets to the High Commission for Public Transparency, announced in early March, are approximately மில்லியன் 10 million. With the exception of three houses worth more than 4 million euros, he owns about 1 million euros worth of shares in the “General Electric” group, making the Republican candidate one of the richest candidates in the election.

With this call for unity and standing with the traditional right-wing party, Valerie Begres recalled a previous election incident that affected the party itself. After the campaign accounts of former President Nicolas Sarkozy were invalidated by the Constituent Assembly in 2012, he was forced to ask his activists to help pay off his debt. The party launched the “Best National Subscription” on its website and raised மில்லியன் 11 million within two months by calling them “Circoton”.

It does not seem like Beckress is the only one asking for donations after the defeat. On the night of the election results, Green Party candidate Yannick Godot led the way for the generosity of the French, and in his speech to his supporters said, “From this evening on, we need your financial help to continue the Environmental Party. Major wars. I invite you to visit the Support Lawyers website. Environmental protection for donations. “

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In a statement on the party’s website, he said, “The future of environmental science is in jeopardy. With less than 5% of the votes cast in the first round of the presidential election, environmental activists will not be able to make up for the loss. Urgent. “

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