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“Forgotten Crisis” .. Corona injuries and deaths continue to decline worldwide


In its latest report, the organization said that new infections with “Govit 19” have dropped by 5 percent in the past week, continuing the downward trend that began a month ago, and the number of related deaths has dropped by 8 percent globally over the past two years. Weeks.

Media attention around the world has waned over the Corona crisis, with Russia launching a military offensive against Ukraine on February 24 that turned its attention sharply to war amid fears of its escalation.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization points out that corona virus infection has increased only in the Western Pacific region, recording a 46 percent increase.

Last week, Hong Kong reported about 150 deaths a day, the highest death rate in the world per million people, according to Oxford University data.

Wiped out the mutant “OmigronMost infected with the corona virus, it recently became a semi-autonomous Chinese city, forcing people to isolate themselves, buying frenzied items, as well as overcrowding in city mortuaries and storing corpses in refrigerated shipping containers.

Elsewhere injuries have decreased.Govt19Significantly, the Middle East and Africa region saw the biggest decline, with cases dropping by 46 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

Salem Abdul Karim, an official at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, said: “The moderate and low death toll from the Omigron eruption has created the widespread impression that Kovit 19 is over.

The Associated Press quoted Abdel Karim as saying “it is not yet clear when the epidemic will end,” but said the decline in the number of deaths during the “Omigron” wave was shocking.

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Many scientists attribute this to improved immunization programs implemented in many rich countries that have severed the link between “Govit 19” infection and acute illness.

The booster dose of approved vaccines helps to restore immunity and protects against the dangerous “Govit 19”, especially in light of the global spread of the “Omigron” mutant.

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