March 29, 2023

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Taiwan: China is able to close our seas and airspace

Taiwan: China is able to close our seas and airspace

Taipei – AFP
Taiwan’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday warned that China could close Taiwan’s main ports and airports as tensions between Beijing and Taipei peak.
In a semi-annual report, the ministry noted that it was strengthening its capabilities for air, sea and ground attacks on the island of Beijing, adding that “there is a possibility of closing our ports and airports, (suspending) flights (departing from the island), and disconnecting our maritime and air communication channels.” “
The report also warned of China’s ability to strike the island with its missile weapons, especially ballistic and cruise missiles, adding: “Beijing is strengthening its ability to launch waterfall attacks against Taiwan. Day promised to reconnect the island.
Sino-Taiwan relations have deteriorated since Tsai Ing-wen came to power in 2016; The island is considered a pragmatic sovereign state and is not part of China. The report added that “repeated maneuvers in the gray zone” aimed at “capturing Taiwan without a fight.”
“Gray area” is a term used by military analysts to describe “acts of aggression” supported by a state, rather than an open war. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace described it as a “bridge between peace and war”.
Taiwan’s defense minister confirmed in October that military tensions with China had reached a four-decade-old peak after airstrikes were recorded in the island’s air defense zone.
The Air Defense Identity Zone is an airspace in which a country seeks to locate and monitor aircraft for national security reasons. Chinese airstrikes have doubled in the region over the past two years, while Beijing plans to hold troop displays during critical periods.

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