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Fried chicken or burgers..which is less harmful from a health perspective?

Fried chicken or burgers..which is less harmful from a health perspective?

A large number of people accept Burgers Or Fried chicken When they want to eat fast food, there are even international restaurants for these dishes in different countries of the world.

Some may wonder which is better in terms of health, a burger that usually consists of a meat sandwich, a slice of cheese and some lettuce and tomato in the middle of the bun, or fried chicken pieces. Oil.

According to the “Men’s Journal” website, chicken pieces are often fried in trans fats, meaning they are not prepared in partially hydrogenated oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil.

In this context, the US Food and Drug Administration warned in 2018 about the health risk of consuming trans fats.

Eating fried chicken increases the risk of high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure because of the high sodium content in the food.

The harm doesn’t stop there as fried chicken is placed in a liquid mixture, and the latter is mainly made from white flour that lacks fiber and nutrients.

Accordingly, health experts believe that eating a burger is less harmful than fried chicken, even if it is meaty and has a slice of cheese in the middle of the bun.

Fast food eaters are not limited to chicken or burgers but include French fries and soft drinks in their diet and this causes a large number of calories to enter the body.

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