March 23, 2023

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From snake venom .. Medicine to treat "dangerous health crisis"

From snake venom .. Medicine to treat “dangerous health crisis”

Recently, researchers in Brazil and Belgium have succeeded in developing the protein “choline 1”, which is found in a toxic substance. Rattlesnake; This allows it to be used in the preparation of medicines for tumors that cause strokes and in the treatment of non-healing wounds.

In a recent study published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, scientists say they used a technique called PEGylation to make the protein “choline 1” found in rattle snake venom more stable and allow it to enter the organism. Production of a promising drug.

PEGylation technology reduces the interactions of the extracted protein Snake venom Rattlesnake, along with the immune system, prevents the effectiveness of its work.

Scientists derived “cholinin 1” from the poison of a species of rattlesnake with the scientific name “Crotalus durissus”, and this molecule swallows the protein fibrinogen produced by the liver and forms blood clots.

And the protein “choline-1” promotes bleeding in the victim Snake biteIn treatment cases, the protein is expected to be isolated and administered in small doses, and this prevents the formation of stroke-causing tumors.

Scientists say there is a contradiction when using protein directly for wounds; It has the opposite effect Freezing In a wound that heals very slowly.

Getting plenty of protein directly from snakes is a difficult endeavor; Specialists trained to extract venom from this type of snake are needed, and the researchers established the mechanisms for this process in a previous study.

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