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From the Ground to the Studio .. Al-Ahly and Waidaat Crisis BN Sports (Video)

From the Ground to the Studio .. Al-Ahly and Waidaat Crisis BN Sports (Video)

The match between Egypt’s Al-Ahly and Morocco’s Widat in the final of the African Champions League caused a serious crisis in the studio of the Qatari “BN Sports” channels.

Face Al-Ahly of Egypt His co Morocco WyattOn Monday, at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, in the final CAF Champions League 2022.

Qatar’s “BN Sports” channels hosted the analysis studio for the competition, which broadcasts the competition’s activities in the Middle East and North Africa exclusively in the presence of Egyptian Vale Coma, Moroccan Youssef Shibo and Tunisian Tariq Diab.

Studio members commented on the crisis over the number of Al-Ahly fans allowed to attend Mohammed V Stadium ahead of the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Wadden.

Al-Ahly had previously announced that he had won only 2,500 of the 10,000 tickets allotted to him for the final of the African Champions League, while tensions were high near the start of the match near the Mohamed V Stadium.

Wael Gomaa commented that Al-Ahly had been treated unfairly by the African Football Confederation, especially since the match would take place at a neutral venue.

The former Egypt national team manager said: “I demand the right of al-Ahly. This final should be neutral because it is not a match between two rounds, but back and forth.”

He added, “It was thought that the stadium tickets would be halved between Al-Ahly and Waidah fans, but this did not happen, so al-Ahly received only 2,500 tickets out of 10,000.”

Morocco’s Youssef Sibo rejected Vel Coma’s comments, confirming that al-Ahly had not been subjected to injustice, and that his fans had not finished their seats.

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Al-Ahly’s former football director responded to Shibo’s statements by saying that al-Ahly should get his full tickets, even if one fan attends, he could still play the role of 100,000 fans.

The level of this controversy caused a tense situation at BN Sports Studio, and Tunisian Tarek Diab tried to make it easier and talk about technical matters.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that beIN sports studios have seen tension in the African finals, as the same thing was repeated in the 2017 African Champions League final between Al-Ahly and Waidat and the 2019 final between Al-Ahly and Waidat. -Ahli and al-Taraji, in the presence of Vel Coma.

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