Monday, June 17, 2024

“Garcia will not end a season with Al-Nasr” .. Sports media shocks world fans


Al-Nasr club officials, led by Musli al-Muaymar, are set to sign former Roma and Marseille coach Rudy Garcia, who will coach the Saudi club in the new season.

Al-Nasser is currently working under the leadership of Argentine coach Miguel Angel Rosso, who is third in the Saudi league rankings before the end of a round of the tournament.

Saudi sports journalist Mohammed al-Ta’idi shocked al-Nasr fans with his comments about Rudy Garcia during his meeting on the Al-Hassad sports program.

Coaches with strong personalities do not work for success!

Al-Taidi said: “Success depends on a strategic plan, whether it comes to Garcia or not.”

He added: “I challenge everyone. Garcia will not end the season with al-Nasser because he has a strong personality and no coach with a strong personality will win with al-Nasser.”

He continued, “In my opinion, a coach who does not accept interference in his decisions will not succeed at home. This is the structure of the club. The management proposes solutions to the coaches, which is not accepted by a coach. Strong personality.”

He added: “Success requires a coach who is flexible and accepts recommendations.”

He concluded: “A coach who is strong, determined and decisive, and does not accept interventions. He can not win with al-Nasser. I challenge Garcia to finish the whole season.”