June 7, 2023

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Goodbye for disappointment after today .. 7 signs that expose a liar

Goodbye for disappointment after today .. 7 signs that expose a liar

Speaking to Slingo, psychologist Darren Stanton revealed subtle expressions and signs of anxiety that should be noted when trying to diagnose. Lie.


According to Darren, liars often make eye contact to compensate by looking at a lie in an attempt to convince you to lie.

“Normally, we only see the other person’s eyes for 3-5 seconds, but for liars it’s a little longer,” he explains.

Blink of an eye

Psychologists say that the rate of blinking increases when a person lies. He notes that this can be two to three times per minute.


Darren explains that liars tend to create a physical barrier between themselves and the person they are lying to.

He points out that this can happen in different ways, with some using their hands as a barrier, while others choose objects such as the cup. Nutty water.

To escape

According to Darren, liars generally use a technique called language distortion.

He explains that this is very common among politicians, and points to individuals who deliberately avoid the question being asked, rather than saying that they answer a completely different question.


Darren highlights the importance of being careful about how you say something and warns that change can mean deceiving someone.

“You will notice that the tone of their voice is high, which is a sign that they are nervous about telling a lie,” he explains.

again and again

The psychologist says that the main symptom of a liar is that he repeats the question asked in response.

He explains that people do this because it gives them more time to come up with an answer.

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For example, if you were asked if someone had cheated on you, the innocent person would respond in his own language: ‘Don’t be silly, of course not.’

He continued: “When the offender had some time, his goal was to repeat what I had said, ‘No, I did not deceive you,’ because he did not have time to formulate his own answer.

Face color

Darren points out that discoloration of a person’s face can also be a sign that the person is lying.

He explains that emotional changes are associated with stress, so when a person feels stressed, blood may be drawn from their face so that they may appear pale.