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Hours after its release, Marvan Pablo’s track Ragor is at the forefront of the trend


Hours after the news broke you are now following the details … Marvan Pablo’s Track Recore leads the trend exclusively on our website

Cairo, Sunday, 8 May, 2022 10:46 am – Mohamed El-Sayed – / 696217 / after-submission-hours-track-rakor-for-marwan-pablo-top-trend

Trend number on rapper Marvan Pablo YouTube video site. Ranked No. 4, 9 hours after its release with a new track called “Ragor”, which has been a huge hit over the past few hours and is expected to be number one today.

Todd Al Khaleez oversees the release of Marwan Pablo Trend YouTube track “Ragore”

Track Ragor by Marvan Pablo

Track rocker Marwan Pablo has achieved 380,000 views in 9 hours, a record number of views in such a short period of time, he is considered one of the founders due to the widespread popularity and love of Marwan Pablo. In the rap field in Egypt.

The track “Just Justify” by Marwan Pablo and Abu al-Anwar topped the trend, and within a day of its release, it received half a million views, was second on the YouTube video site and received positive reactions. .

Launched on May 5, the track has garnered a whopping 776,000 views so far, and has been highly praised by fans of Marwan Pablo and Abu al-Anwar for their unique organization in the rap world.

Keep track of Marwan Pablo’s Ragor lyrics

The words of the Turks are as follows:

I feel like a king, I fly over Kong, Sean, like a drone, taking them back to their place, Like a rocker, Like a rocker, (Recore) Like an honest and ruthless sea I am not salt witchcraft, but my secret is a bird, I Someone who hunts by rabbits, I caught the money skrt a scorpion in my hand, named Batenko, speak on my back, but they heal you, compare no matter how much we are, I will not be like Zeus and Horace yet woah yes I want a villa Dress for my colleague I want a villa to dress up my mate, I’m going, I do not want to go, it’s like there is no real identity, I do not have a bond. (A pocket from another of my co-workers) – This is what I was in x7 – Alas, arrest is in dollars, we do not have to deal with antiques. I have an other level I have M like H, it has to be triple, there is a big difference between what I wrote. I wrote that you are lying, so you will be scared, the audience is high, you do not want to attend gin and like money to spend. My enemy is there, but like I said shut up f *** and ask (how to be a king)

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