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Goodbye silicone..a new era for breast implants


Some women with silicone implants describe their breasts as if they had an ice pack strapped to their chests when they tried to walk in cold weather, the newspaper said.Guardian“.

When you return home or to a warm place, the cold sensation in the chest area continues for hours as the silicone slowly reaches body temperature.

In addition to being embarrassing, for breast cancer survivors, it can be an unpleasant reminder of a disease they wish to forget.

Every year, 2 million people worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer, and treatment involves the removal of at least one breast

For a number of reasons, most women prefer not to have breast implants re-implanted.

According to the newspaper, 30% of women who develop breast cancer in the UK do not want to have another implant.

After working on the growth of new breast tissue, the newspaper reveals that a group of startups wants to change that ratio with a new technology based on a three-dimensional implant that dissolves after 18 months.

“It’s completely biodegradable and leaves no trace, after 18 months there’s no product left in your body,” says Julian Payne, CEO of Ladis Medical and owner of the implant.

The first human trial of the implant is scheduled to begin on July 11 in Georgia.

Another startup called HealthShape is working on its own implant and expects to begin clinical trials within two years.

These new breast implants depend on avoiding problems with silicone, a foreign substance that increases the risk of certain diseases, and the need to replace the material every ten years.

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Today, there are two main types of breast reconstruction, silicone implants and flap surgery.

Although implants are easy, flap surgery is a highly specialized procedure that requires a “fold” of tissue from the abdomen, thigh, or back.

Although flap surgery is performed twice or more, and its recovery period is longer than silicone implants, surgeons recommend using it because it gives a 100 percent natural result. Time like silicon.

As for the start-ups, they claim that they can fit breasts in different ways and leave no trace, better than flap surgery.

Healship uses hydrogel, a safe material made from natural or synthetic polymers, to 3D print a soft implant that is gently populated by a person’s fat cells. The first block is injected, while the implant disappears within six to nine months.

Each planet creates an identical one by using genetically engineered materials to produce human collagen, an important protein that makes up various body tissues.

Ladis Medical has a different approach based on a 3D-printed “cage” implant, which is made of biodegradable biopolymer that is attached to the flap of the body under the breast. Fat tissue grows, and then the body absorbs and decomposes the cage itself, resulting in breast growth in place.

Some scientists believe that flap reconstruction with attached nerves can restore some sensation to the breast in a few years, thereby overcoming the problem of insensitivity in women who have had their breasts removed.

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