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Google Maps gives you better control with the blue dot


Google Maps has announced some new ways to give users more control over their personal information. Designed to give you control over recorded data and recorded data with new location controls.

The navigation app allows you to delete functions related to specific locations and makes it easy to access location controls directly from the blue dot in the app.

The company notes that users will quickly see their recent activity related to specific locations for easy deletion of searches, trends and visits.

Google said: “You can visit a bakery, use the app to navigate there, and quickly see all of your recent activity related to the bakery.”

The company will soon let you use the blue dot that shows your location through Google Maps to access location controls.

The blue dot lets you adjust how much information you share with Google Maps and where it’s stored without going into settings.

Tapping the blue dot in Google Maps now offers shortcuts to save parking or share your location, and the update adds options for device location and location history.

A blue dot will let you know if the app is enabling location history or timeline, and if you’ve granted map access to your device’s location.

Google explains that the ability to remove location-related functions from Maps and new blue dot controls will begin appearing on Android and iOS operating systems in the coming weeks.

Google Maps also announced that if you choose to enable location history, the app will save the map directly to your device instead of the cloud.

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Timeline is an encrypted record of all the regions and places you’ve visited, and to enable Timeline, you need to enable Location History.

“You can delete all or part of your information at any time, or disable the system entirely,” Google Maps product manager Marlo McGriff wrote in a blog post.

“You can always choose to back up your data to the cloud,” McGriff added. “We automatically encrypt your backed-up data so that no one, including Google, can read it.”

When enabling Location History for the first time, the Maps app will automatically set deletion restrictions to three months by default, instead of 18 months under the previous option.

Google notes that it will gradually roll out these changes over the next year to Android and iOS platforms, and users will receive a notification when the update hits their accounts.

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